Dustin Tokarski 2013 - Montreal Canadiens 1

Dustin Tokarski went done and got himself a new mask – here’s how it’s described on DavidArrigo.com:

The parameters for the mask were simple: maintain The Tick imagery and use a simple clean design.  The overall theme is retro, the minimal use of colour gives it a throwback feel to the earliest styles of goalie masks.

For imagery, on one side are the various logos that have been worn by the historic Montreal Canadiens franchise.  On the other side, is the funniest superhero ever, The Tick.  For this graphic The Tick is breaking through the helmet ready with his Habs power ring, ready to “Goalkeep safely!”

Clean-looking masks over chaotic ones, every day of the week.

Dustin Tokarski 2013 - Montreal Canadiens 2


Dustin Tokarski 2013 - Montreal Canadiens 3

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  1. That is all kinds of awesome.

  2. I think I like Hiller’s mask the best right now in the league. Just. Gold bars!

  3. I love clean lines on a goalie mask. I’m not a fan of asymmetrical designs though. The other issue is that the vent hole “covers” the Tic’s face. It pretty much ruins the paint job.

  4. Please will some NHL team give Tick a chance at the big show? He’s better than most of the goalie prospects that have become backups lately. He’s been so good for so long that I really want some team to give him a chance at the highest levels.

  5. SPOON!

    And SPOON yet again, since the comment filter wouldn’t let me get away with that!

  6. wow, what a weak design and execution. About one quarter of the masks in the nhl are poorly done.
    -the Tick looks like it was drawn by a child.

    • Care to show the collection of NHL goalie masks designed and used by you? I’d love to offer my opinion on them too!

      • I’ve never had the opportunity to do it. Someone like me never gets a chance to do these kind of things but I would have no problem putting my skills up against anybody. -goalie masks are an artform and this is a weak example in my opinion. Yes, you are absolutely correct, I have never painted or designed a mask but I am an artist and designer and I know what is cool and what is lame. To me this represents a lost opportunity for the artist to really do something cool for a great sports team but, well…it is what it is. – opinions and criticism is all part of being and artist/designer. -especially if you are an average one.

  7. Wow. I actually don’t like this design much :( The underlying theme is simple and beautiful, but the tic’ seems kinda forced, and the older crests are just kind of there. Not terrible, but not cohesive to my eye. 5/10

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