For my money, Daryl Reaugh is the best colour guy in hockey (great on Twitter too, by the way). I enjoyed his commentary on this Drew Doughty hit on Alex Goligoski.

(Stick-tap to Kukla’s Korner)

Comments (3)

  1. I appreciated, “locked on with tone” more than “rectum rattling.”

  2. I am now going to work “rectum rattling blast” into as many non-porno situations as possible

  3. You guys in the blogosphere occasionally pick up on a Rayzorism like “Six Shades of Sexy” and “Rectum-rattling.” Which is cool. What you need to realize, though, is that they happen almost every single Stars game. Ralph and Rayzor and the most entertaining broadcast team in any sport I have ever watched. They are integral to the product they are selling.

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