I understand that it can be tough to draw a crowd to a hockey game when you’re based in Florida. Most fans didn’t grow up with the game, it’s March and the weather is beautiful…there’s just a host of reasons why it’s difficult. Because of that, the marketing team faces some unique challenges, and have to get a little creative.

What I didn’t see coming, is the Lightning turning to oft-used informercial host Anthony Sullivan in their latest promo. ACT NOW AND I’LL THROW IN ANOTHER TICKET FREE!!!

The irony of hockey players trying to act and having to use the line “don’t quit your day job” is too perfect.

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  1. Is Sully Australian, or from Boston? That is one hell of a hybrid-accent!! Crykee!!

  2. I can’t tell if this is genius or disaster.

    The fact that it is called the hat-trick whatever and is an offer for 4 games.. the fact that Tampa will let you watch 4 games for less than it costs to watch one in places like Toronto, Montreal and Boston. The fact that the Tampa area is frankly terrible for sports in general.. except grapefruit league baseball and golf. I was just down there – and I’m pretty sure I saw the logo for the Lightning twice the entire time. Is this commercial hilarious? Is it sad? I have no clue.

  3. Hockey doesn’t belong there or Florida its a fucin joke..

  4. That’s some impressively lazy journalism right there, I assume the Score don’t pay their writers otherwise they might of done some simple research into the Lighting’s attendance figures first.

  5. Is it just me or does Sully’s accent totally disappear at the end of the ad? What a joke. I feel bad for Tampa Bay. Hell send that team to Quebec City

    • Wow, are you kidding? What a joke? I’m pretty sure you’re the joke. Fucking typical Canadian thinks just because an NHL team is in the south, especially Florida, that it doesn’t do well. Forget the fact they’ve sold out all of their home games this year, and have sold out most of their games even going back before the last lockout.

  6. Must say I never fail to find the irony of hockey fans complaining about Southern market teams funny.

    The 5th biggest sport in North America in a continent where no other country cares about their sports and their taking a dig at a lack of fans. Hilarious.

  7. For mister Alex on top..seventh in attandence because there’s 40 something games this year thats why…lolo last year 13 place before that 21…the way the NFL…NBA doesn’t belong in Canada. It doesn’t belong in half of the states…

  8. I have a feeling there attendence is so high because the Snowbirds down there. I know we go to as many games as we can while we are down there.

  9. This commercial just reiterates why the southeast conference should be removed from the NHL, teams dissolved and redispersed amongst the other teams in the league. HRR might actually increase!!!

    • It’s been said here 32 times, but I guess it needs saying again.

      The Lightning are 7th in the league in attendance! Pay attention!

      So I guess we should move them, right. Because after all, both their avg total attendence and percentage of seats filled is both higher that both the Rangers and AVs.

  10. H*ll I’d been talking about making a trip north to the Island just to get cheap seats, it’s a longer trip to Florida, but the weather is nicer and the hockey is just as good. Sign me up!

  11. I think it’s great! Cheesy? Yes! But I’m pretty sure that’s what they are going for.

    Come on! 3 game Hat Trick Package and we’ll throw in a fourth for free!? How can you not love this?

  12. It is easy to claim that statistic when you comp 4,000 tickets a game… Real truth right there…

    Source – A true Tampainian who knows the organization very well, but I cant complain, I get free tickets!

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