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It’s official:

Ryan Getzlaf has re-signed with the Anaheim Ducks for eight years, the maximum amount of years allowed under the new CBA. He’ll earn 66 million dollars, for an average annual cap hit of $8.25M. With the cap going down to just over 64 million next year, that is a massive deal (12% of the their cap next season).

From the Ducks website:

“We are very happy to have Ryan committed to this franchise long-term,” said Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray. “He has often expressed his interest to stay in Anaheim for his entire career, a goal we share. He is a leader, a proven winner, and possesses a skill set that’s hard to find. This is a great day for the Ducks.”

Now, all they have to do is trade Corey Perry, and they’ll be laughing!


He’ll join Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, and Eric Staal as players with a cap hit above eight million dollars a year.

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  1. Could you write a post about how my boss should trade me?
    I’d love to make $66 million.

  2. According to CapGeek, they’ve got 15 players locked up for next year, making just under 45mil. That leaves them needing 8 more, from 19mil. The problem is they have Koivu, Selanne and Perry as UFAs… signing any two of those could easily leave them with 10-12mil to fill 6 holes. Which works, but leaves them very little room in case of injuries or whatnot.

    Definitely suggests they can’t sign all three, since that’d cost upwards of 15mil, leaving them with just 4mil for 5 players. But maybe they know already that Selanne is going to retire, or Koivu will retire / play with his brother in Minnesota… who knows, I guess.

  3. Big overpayment. Getzlaf is good, but not Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin/Eric Staal good.

    • I don’t think you watch him enough.. Maybe not Crosby/Malkin, but in the discussion. I think he outplays Staal and Ovechkin all the time

      Hope Anaheim makes a sizeable run at Perry.. Those two are fun to watch together.

    • Eventually the hockey world is going to have to determine whether or not Ovechkin is any good.

      • Ovechkin isn’t, but the contract came at a time when he was.

        As for seeing Getzlaf, I have many many times. Yeah, he does a little of everything and does it well. Even so, 8.25 million is a boatload of money – and while he’s rebounded this year, last season was one of the worst of his career. Can he do what he’s doing this year without Perry?

        • “Can he do what he’s doing this year without Perry?”

          Nobody knows, he’s always had amazing talent playing alongside him (if memory serves).

      • Tuned in to the Leafs pre-game show on Wednesday, and the question was “Is Ovechkin done as a goal scoring force”, and I believe they all said NO.

        Even if that’s they’re right, what does that even mean? That he’s up there with Kunitz, Kadri, Voracek and Moulson but without the defensive responsibility?

        Sounds like a steal at $9M – $10M per for 8 more years.

        What an embarrassment OV is, end of story.

        • i dont understand why people are hating on Ovechkin. That guy is one of the best in the league, sure his numbers are down but any teams would take him at that price tag. I’m sure if he was Canadian this discussion would not even exist.

          It just feels like Russian are always under question and a slump for them is considered permenant.

          • Because he signed the largest contract in NHL history, and gives less effort than even the average player.

            Formerly the goal scoring king, he has 3 even strength goals in 22 games. His 6 PP goals are identical. He shows zero creativity, and is a shadow of his former self – at 27 years old.

          • ” any teams would take him at that price tag.”

            Wrong, no team would take on OV’s contract, no matter how desperate they were. He’s single handedly ruining the Caps organization.

          • Yep. Ovechkin has all sorts of natural talent, but he doesn’t adjust. It took a few years, but everyone figured him out. Now that his scoring is dipping, what does he do? More of the same. I read a good article awhile back about how many big adjustments Stamkos has made (his first few years he scored most of his goals from the same spot, but now he almost never scores there). Ovechkin is absolutely capable of being a great player (if not one of the two or three best in the game), but he’s damn near un-coachable…

          • Boudreau got canned and Hunter had enough of that sh*t.

            Two bridges the Caps had to burn, and it was the Caps loss both times.

        • craig button said yes

  4. Gotta figure the lack of ability to have a back diving deal hurt them

  5. Hmm.. Did he re-sign, or resign? Weird that the same word means the opposite.

  6. perry to toronto coming soon

  7. He’s making over $2mill per year more than the Sedins. Wowsers.

    • Right, and in 2 years when the Sedins are about to be UFAs, we’ll see them get something similar. Ok probably not because they are going to be 34. But my point is that you really cannot compare a deal that was made under the previous CBA and a deal made under the new one. This new one forces the top salaries to be higher than the old one did, because you cant spread the $$ over longer periods.

      Welcome to the new CBA reality. I can guarantee you that if Sidney Crosby was about to become a UFA, he’d receive an 8 year deal for the maximum salary.

      • That said, I wouldnt pay 8.25 M for Getzlaf if my life depended on it.

      • Sedins signed six-year deals with identical dollars in each year, so the old CBA did not benefit those contracts. The twins took hometown discounts, something Getzlaf was obviously not willing to do.

  8. so what ur saying is that perry is not gonna be worth 71/2 mill guy
    package bozak with a kuli and maybe holzer and get perry
    if kadri is comfertable playing at center there is our number 1 center
    put jvr at center as well which he can play thereand we fixed all of our problems
    we keep saying we need a number 1 center but we got him in kadri. its his first year there and hes already doing amazing playing with komorov
    imagine if he had a perry playing with him

  9. Love the title, actually lol’d :P Props

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