I want to be Brian Burke's friend.

I want to be Brian Burke’s friend.

I can’t even handle how much I love this quote.

Can’t argue he built the team, can’t argue that they’re not doing well. Fannntastic line.

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  1. Now he knows how Bryan Murray feels

  2. I think Vancouver and Anaheim have done pretty well by him too.

    • When did/will Vancouver win the Cup?
      Pretty sure Anaheim’s cup was not a direct result of Burke’s work. Overated GM of the century.

  3. Really should have dropped an F-bomb in there, just for shits and giggles.


  4. I like how over $15 Million of that “table” he set doesnt even touch the ice. Also, cool how Reimer, Gunnarson, Frattin, Kulemin and Grabovski play HUGE roles on the team, and none of them were his acquisitions.

  5. Reimer and Grabo are heroes on that team for sure. Gotta love Grabovski’s game, and Reimer is a solid tender with some bad luck.

    That being said, reading that quote even without any attribution attached, most people would think “ahh Brian Burke”.

    • Grabo is a workhorse that’s for sure, but his contract extension has put the Leafs in a tough spot for what they are going to do with Bozak at the end of the year. I still don’t agree with Grabo making more $$ than Kessel when he doesn’t produce as much, and for some reason Grabo almost seems to only get points when they play the Habs

  6. I did not know about his contract, not a Leafs fan here but I would say anywhere under $5M would be fair for him, annnd I just checked and he’s slightly over that. I agree that he shouldn’t be making more than Kessel, that’s crazy. Plays much bigger than 5’8″ though, that’s for sure.

  7. Does this quote get disqualified when the Leafs miss the playoffs?
    Have to also add that the kessel trade was an interesting way to set the table, last night kinda should have set aside any doubt the Leafs (Burke) got a good old Canadian Hosen’ on that one!

    • What a ridiculous thing to say. Anyone who wouldn’t pull the trigger on two draft picks for a Top-10 offensive player is dumb.

      Will Seguin ever match Kessel’s numbers? Hasn’t yet.

  8. What numbers? Stanley Cup Rings? Seguin has one, how many does Kessel have?

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