I called him a hybrid “Worker” here for a reason. How about the use of the butt-end there? Insane.

(.GIF by @TheScottLewis)

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  1. That’s how the Devils beat the Flyers in the playoffs last year. The Flyers are a talented team, but they have some gaping holes in their game. They aren’t that hard to outwork along the boards. Kudos to Crosby for not giving up on the play!

  2. Claude Giroux -Best Player in the World (for 2 weeks)

  3. He’s sooo locked in, one of the best ever.

  4. Just one of the most complete hockey players ever. Defense, offense, board work, just the total package. There may be better at some aspects (datsyuk’s dekes and d, Ovie’s shot, Malkin’s offensive talent) But no one puts it all together in the total package today like Crosby.

  5. Damn. That guy is amazing. If you’re on the Penguins bench watching that, how much do you want to do something special on your next shift?

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