Pittsburgh Penguins v Toronto Maple Leafs

The Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans had to hold their breath last night after seeing their captain going flying into the boards during Saturday night’s game against the Maple Leafs.

Leafs defenseman Cody Franson sent Sidney Crosby flying into the boards after taking out his legs while sliding backwards on the ice.

Luckily, Crosby wasn’t hurt, as he returned to the game and eventually scored the shootout winner. Still pretty scary though, especially with the concussion history with Sid the Kid.

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  1. Shouldn’t there have been a clipping penalty called on that play?

  2. it didn’t even look intentional by franson, he was falling and they collided.

    Also not sure how on earth someone can think crosby was guilty of interference there

    • also, when I say falling, I mean that yes, franson intentionally went down to try and block the shot, not to lay the hit

      • Fransen didn’t play the puck on the attempt though, so he should be treated the same way as when a player attempts to poke check a guy, but misses and gets his feat and trips him, penalty.

        Looking at the video it looks like the shot was high and went over him. I didn’t see the game, so its possible Fransen might have deflected the puck, then in that case, no penalty. Attempting to block a shot doesn’t excuse you from any penalty that may occur.

  3. It was all crosby at the last minute crosby jumps to avoid him

  4. Franson lay out while trying to block the shot. The hit was not intentional and Crosby could have minimized it by not leaving his feet. I think he was trying to leap over Franson but Franson was getting up and raised the bar so to speak. If he bent his knees he could have hammered Franson it looks like to me.

    • Your on crack wake up and look at that play its either jump over him or get tripped- Franson should have stayed down until Sid went over him- cheap play by Franson who new exactly what he was doing there….Franson made his play the puck was gone he has no right by the rules to clip Crosby there!

  5. Totally ignoring the penalty/no penalty debate what the h*ll is Crosby doing without his helmet actually strapped on? There’s no way it should have left his head. If you look at the still shot above he doesn’t even have it strapped. That shot may have been taken in warm-ups – but even then. Yes I know some hockey players are stupid enough to think that they’re too cool to actually have the chin strap in a useful location, but you’d think Sid’s trainers would put their foot down on that one. The helmet doesn’t do any good if it’s loose enough to fall off.

  6. Franson goes down to block shot/pass Sid has no choice but too jump over Franson without being tripped….Franson clearly clipped Crosby totally on purpose as soon as he saw Sid jump. That is a dangerous clip especially on that part of ice. Cody was facing the play and new exactly what he was doing. Anybody who s played a little puck knows what theyre doing when they try to get up there! Cody did that on purpose and it very least should have been a minor penalty! Really that was intent to injure – Franson should have let Sid jump over him the puck was gone and Crosby had nowhere else to go! Cheap play by Franson!

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