Not a bad position to be in if you're looking to score you 1st NHL goal. Klinkhammer buries it.

Not a bad position to be in if you’re looking to score you 1st NHL goal. Klinkhammer buries it.

Monday! And so, we bring you Three Stars Times Three. We covered:

* The end of the Blackhawks streak

* The Penguins ability to score

* Rick Nash’s streak

* The Blue Jackets hit five in a row

* Matt Duchene’s year

* The Ducks record

* And much more

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  1. Reading Rainbow? All I have to say to that is… 42 !

  2. bill quackenbush.

  3. Good to see Klink get his first one in the show. He played WHL in Seattle for 3 years and went down to Portland for his 20 year old season (turncoat-traitor). He must be about 24 now. Don’t think I ever saw him score one that easy in the W!

  4. Your uninformed opinions about the Predators are garbage. Do some research before you start talking out of your asses. Suter straight up lied to David Poile (that’s our General Manager) from the get go, and Poile took him for his word. The Predators had the money to give Suter a deal worth $7 mil+ per year but weren’t going to throw up a cap circumventing contract (which is now illegal under the new CBA). Suter passed up the chance to play with a Norris contender for the rest of his career (Shea Weber has been nominated twice already in his career). Us Preds fan will excessively boo Suter for the rest of his career, he deserves it.
    Thanks for taking a shot at the Nashville Predators every chance you get.

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