Like a regular picture, one that doesn’t move, a .gif can say a thousand words. It’s commonplace at theScore’s palatial towers for bloggers to ogle a good sports .gif for minutes on end. Below is a collection of hockey .gifs that we’ve really enjoyed from the first half of the season. It is, after all, the midpoint of the NHL season for most teams.

Pictured above is Martin Brodeur narrowly saving Martin Brodeur from himself. MOAR .gifs after the jump

Washington doesn’t miss Alex Semin. Nope, not at all

That’s like $50,000 per snot rocket

Puck shall not pass

Phil Kessel is terrified of the puck

More like Rick Crash (see what I did there?)

Nick Schultz is the moveable object

Matt Duchene is pretty good at this hockey stuff

Sidney Crosby is the best at this hockey stuff