I’m not exactly sure what to say about Kaspars Daugavins shootout attempt against the Bruins, except for that it was a lot of fun to watch, and it’s worked before. And it was weird.

Yeah, what he said.

Daugavins goes toe-down on top of the puck, as Phil Bourque once did many decades ago. Watch:

He then keeps pressure on the puck, skates it near-directly down the ice, and tries the spin-o-rama move. To his credit, he more or less beats Rask. If not for the remaining toe on the left side of the net, this is one of the most talked about shootout goals of all-time. Hell, it’s still going to generate conversation.

Here it is:

You can’t kill a guy for trying something like this when it’s worked for him in the past. Here he is in the AHL, scoring on the Hamilton Bulldogs:

So, hey – the shootout wasn’t on the line there or anything, it’s the middle of the season, it seemed like a good time to try it. Or so I think. Bruins announcer Jack Edwards obviously felt differently:

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  1. Awesome and hilarious. As a Sens fan I’m not entirely upset to lose this way.

  2. More or less beat Rask? What, toe saves don’t count?

    And I don’t think Edwards was complaining about the move per se, just pointing out that it emphasizes the patent absurdity of the shootout.

    • What part of “more or less” did you not understand? He was more or less beaten, but was able to stretch far enough to get a toe save. Great for him, and yes it’s a save, but since it was clearly a toe save, and goalies usually try to make saves a bit less exciting and mundane, one might be tempted to say that he was more or less beaten, but got a bit lucky.

      • A save is a save, he wasn’t beaten at all, not more or less. He followed the fake and came back across the net, jamming his foot against the post, appearing to follow the move the whole time. There was no space for the puck to go in and he was never beaten at any point by the move, so I agree with Char, clean save.
        I think we can also fairly say it was relatively routine save on a weird move. This is the NHL man, people don’t just skate down the ice and shoot it at your pads, working for a save is not more or less being beaten.

    • Indeed, as much as Edwards may be a hyperbolic nutbag (and I say that as a Bruins fan), in this case I think his statement was not so much a commentary on Daugavins’ attempt but rather on the existence of the shootout itself (specifically the “settling a game with a skills competition gimmick” aspect that rankles some in the game)…

  3. Same thing the last guy said. You are clearly biased.
    Rask DID make the save so he was not more or less beat.
    Jack Edwards clearly was commenting on how dumb trick shots can get you a point in a shootout. He was disapproving of shootouts.

  4. I’m so pleased somebody remembered the Phil Bourque shot.

  5. As a goalie myself, you can definitely be more or less beaten. He made a great save but if not for the great extra effort at the end to right himself, it was a goal. Its like if a goalie reaches back with his paddle and makes the save he is more or less beat and the extra effort makes a great save.
    Anyways, Daugavins was much closer with this attempt than alfie was with his. So can you fault a guy for trying? It was enjoyable to watch and this is the entertainment business.

  6. I love it … the NHL wanted this stuff and they got it … good for Daugavins for doing it … great of Rask to concentrate after getting a snow job.

  7. The video cuts off before the best part (in my biased book). After the save, there’s a close-up of Tuukka giving Daigavins the Claire Huxtable “Stop actin’ a fool” look.

  8. I would say, more or less, Daigavins never had a chance putting that by Rask.

  9. As a B’s fan, I’m glad this didn’t end up as a goal. It would hurt to see your team on the receiving end of this highlight for years to come.

  10. Nobody’s ever tried this on me in a game, but I would LOVE it. How you gonna lift the puck, there, sport? I’m guessing an NHLer does have the required handle to lift his stick off the puck and flick it over an outstretched pad with the toe… MAYBE… but is he going shelf that way? You’d need to be so good that you don’t have to bother with the nonsense in the first place. And on my level, it’s doubtful anyone trying this wouldn’t just trip over their own stick anyway.

  11. Didn’t Jagr do this and score?

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