Kyle Wellwood fat jokes are about as fresh as the sashimi from which I contracted food poisoning over the weekend. Still, Kyle Wellwood lives on as the punchline for many a joke in the hockey blogosphere. Whether they’re fair or not, this .gif serves to embody the lazy, disinterested version of Kyle Wellwood that these jokes have led some hockey fans to believe is real.

For some context, TSN panned to Wellwood here prior to Sunday’s shootout versus the Devils right after Mike Johnson praised his effort in regulation and overtime. Thank you, Kyle Wellwood’s involuntary deep inhalation due to boredom.

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  1. Kyle Wellfed, was his nickname while playing in Vancouver.

  2. It’s natural to yawn when exercising in order to get more oxygen, so I don’t think this should be attributed to boredom or indifference.
    I myself have yawned when playing hockey, and I promise it wasn’t because I wasn’t into the game.
    Also, you know, daylight savings time. Hockey players are people too.

  3. I yawn like crazy on the bench. It’s about nerves for me. Still, I can’t help imagining what this gif will look like once someone adds some flying cupcakes/hamburgers/whatever.

  4. A guy yawning doesn’t deserve this kind of attention or effort from you.
    Seriously – is this the best that you can do with your resources?

  5. kyle wellwood is the jay cutler of hockey

  6. Wellwood tonite 1 goal and 1 assist. What have you done at the elite level recently….. You don’t have to answer because your rational won’t excuse yourself from the fact that people like you need players like Wellwood, so you can snicker and poke fun at. The truth you are no different than a schoolyard bully a small individual with a lack of intelligence …… I’m a Winnipeger you must be from Regina!

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