Pittsburgh Penguins v Toronto Maple Leafs

Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


The Chicago Blackhawks are just the worst

On Wednesday Dan Carcillo scored in the final minute of regulation to squeak the Hawks past the Avalanche, which took them to 21-0-3 (which is good). They must have looked at their schedule after that game and thought it was going to walk on the weekend: Avalanche again Friday, Oilers Sunday. You get two points! And you get two points! Everybody gets two points!

Only it didn’t quite pan out. They got rolled 6-2 by Colorado on Friday for their first loss in regulation on the year, then gave up six again Sunday to the Oilers, who beat them by one.

Also, Deadspin ran this post about morons who think the Blackhawks now suck.


You get the gist.

Crosby went off

He had a goal and the game winner in the shootout on Saturday (which barely tells the story of how dominant he was), then tallied a tidy five assists on Sunday to officially start to pull away in the scoring race. He looks like Dat Dude this year.


Oh hai, Chris Kunitz. How’s your season going? Kunitz had three goals and two assist on Sunday: also good.

People will point to the fact that he’s playing with Crosby as the reason he’s having such an insanely good season, and while they’re partially right, you have to give the guy some credit. Check out his hockeydb page – him being good at putting up points isn’t some career anomaly (though it will stand as an obvious outlier). But still: having a good season personally plus the Crosby factor is what has him where he is.

Oh, and here’s Crosby nonchalantly dumping in the shootout winner on Saturday. Ho hum.

He did almost die in the game…

But as you saw, he made it through okay.

Oilers gonna Oil

Edmonton lost 3-0 to Detroit on Thursday, but fortunately didn’t have to stew on it long, as they played the very next night in Nashville.

That put the Oilers down 2-0 in the first. Dubnyk would get yanked from this game, and the Oil went on to lose 6-0, prompting this excellent reaction piece from Benjamin Massey. As we discussed farther up, the Oil pulled it together Sunday to beat the Blackhawks. That puts them five points out of playoffs in the West…and one out of dead last.

Rick Nash is on a tear

He’s tallied at least a point in each of his last 10 games, totalling seven goals and nine assists for 16 points. He’s now up over a point a game (23 in 20), a place he hasn’t been since 2008-2009.

Columbus: also on a tear

I know, I didn’t think I’d be including that headline either, but here we are. Earlier when I said that the Oilers were one point out of last, it wasn’t ahead of Columbus (it was Calgary, who has two games in hand on the Oil). The Blue Jackets have won five straight games:


They’re still below .500 (10-12-4) and four points out of eighth, but hey, small victories for now.

Oh, one more thing. Matt Calvert did this in the shootout to Jimmy Howard:

Do people still say he gave him the “How’s she goin’?” Can I use that here? Because I feel like it’s acceptable.

Martin Hanzal caught Jamie Benn with his head down

There will be some cries for supplemental discipline, and while I would’ve liked to see Martin Hanzal go lower on the hit, this area of the ice (cutting through the middle just inside the blue) is a long-established danger zone and you have to expect to get hit.


Ryan Suter got booed throughout his return to Nashville

I suppose the fans feel like he abandoned them? Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I was just trying to get through it, trying to block it out. It’s not fun being booed. It went the whole game, too. That kind of surprised me. They’ll probably have some sore throats tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I spent seven years here, I had a great time here. I had a lot of respect for the fans. I mean, I still do. It’s part of being a fan, I understand that, but it’s tough to take.”

The Wild escaped with a 2-1 shootout win.

Cue up the Yakety Sax

Francis Boullion made a neat offensive play yesterday, knocking down the puck, then spinning and firing to score a goal.

…for Florida.

When the title of your job is literally defense-man, I have to feel like shooting it in your own net won’t look good on your performance review.

The Avs scored with 0.3 seconds left in OT

They beat San Jose. I was watching this thinking: “might wanna get that thing to the net fellas, kinda low on time” when this happened, so y’know, I’ll keep to myself and let the professionals work.

The Avs are in that pack of teams a handful of points from a playoff spot, a couple from dead last. By the way, it was Matt Duchene who cashed this puck in – when they beat the Hawks on Saturday, he put up four points. He’s now 15th in NHL scoring. Nice bounce-back year!

And finally…

It appears we have a new move everyone is going to start doing

Breakaway moves in hockey are like the Harlem Shake: someone does one, it’s recognized as cool, and suddenly everyone is doing it and by the laws of hipsterism is therefore deemed to be uncool. It happened with the through-the-legs shot and The Forsberg before it, and here we are now with the through-legs-hey-I’m-going-to-kick-this-up-to-my-sti…JUST-KIDDING-I-LEFT-IT.

It’s a poorly named move, I admit. Still: it’s cheeky and fun to watch. Have a good week!