nhl injuries

The above picture came through my Twitter feed yesterday, and I had to share it. It comes from Amy of The Fourth Period (@kinbuddy2), and it’s fantastic. Oh THAT’S where that player’s injury is.

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  1. Forgot the “neck injury”, covering the whole head…

    • I thought that was “a cold” or “a minor case of the flu”

      • I believe the correct medical term is “whiplash”

        Doctors are pests, who needs them anyway? I’m about to make one unemployed for being too kind to a guy with a back injury.

  2. Looks like Jo Innes is out of a job.

  3. Gotta love Hockey, simple explanations. Hurt myself golfing recently, strange hip pop during a swing. My doc says it’s trochanteric bursitis….in hockey it’s just another lower body injury.

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