Chicago Blackhawks v Detroit Red Wings

Ola, amigos. We thought the podcast went pretty well today – we discussed Daugavins shootout attempt, and gave our mid-season players awards, specifically:

* The Hart Trophy

* Norris

* Vezina

* Calder

* Selke

* and the Jack Adams

* And much more

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  1. Carey Price has to be the Vezina winner. He is a major reason why the Habs are winning games, along with Therrien

  2. Thoughts on Leo Komarov for the Leafs this year? I know he isn’t a offensive stud like a few others but has been huge on the PK and fore check.

  3. Selke. I know he won last year but how about Patrice Bergeron?
    Corsi On: 25.41
    Corsi rel: 20.6
    Ozone starts: 45.4%
    Faceoff %: 60.9%

    Corsi on: 15.34
    Corsi rel: 12.5
    Ozone stars: 55.8%
    Faceoff %: 59.9%

    Small sample size, but better Corsi, plays even stronger competition, fewer Ozone starts, better faceoff %. I agree that +/- is pretty useless but he’s a +17.

    Lastly, heard today that he’s played 60 mins on the Penalty Kill and given up zero goals. Unsustainable but amazing. Not sure how to look that up to confirm.

    • I’d still like to give it to Toews but, man, it’s really hard to argue with those numbers.

      • The point raised on the podcast that it’s kind of a “lifetime achievement” award seems accurate. Toews probably wins it, barring injury or a Chicago collapse. Just thought Bergeron deserved to be in the discussion.
        The penalty kill thing for Bergeron blew my mind. Interesting that penalty kill stats never get included in the Selke debate.

  4. I don’t think he has much of a shot at the Calder, but Jonas Brodin has been very impressive for the Wild. Kid has shown the poise of a seasoned vet at the age of 19. He’s been logging a ton of minutes since paired with Suter, whose game has also improved since matched with Brodin. Not a big name, doesn’t play a flashy game, but silky smooth and rarely makes a mistake, much less a bad play. Wild definitely have a keeper here.

  5. Re: Jets Fans Booing Opposing Players

    Having attended a clutch of games during the past two seasons I’ve picked up on the theme. It wasn’t very difficult, I will concede.

    1) The fans always get on the opposing team’s goalie. The goalie chants almost always pick up after they let in a goal or Winnipeg has sustained pressure in the o-zone.

    2) The fans always boo the opposing team’s star player, with mixed results. Just from personal experience, I recall:
    - “Crosby’s better” chant directed at Ovechkin … result: Ovechkin breaks 0-0 tie by scoring with about 1 minute left in the third. Jets go on to lose 1-0. Fail.
    - “Jordan’s better” chant directed at Eric Staal … result: Staal tears it up, scoring two goals and adding an assist as the Hurricanes beat the Jets. Fail. And now they’re on the same team. Kinda curious to see what this year’s chant will be. Probably something to do with Semin sounding similar to another word in the English language. I’ll get back to you on that one.
    - Boos directed at Crosby, even though he’s better … result: While the Jets would ultimately win this game, Crosby scores two goals in the first, single headedly making our team look silly. Fail.
    - “Silver Medal” chant directed at Miller … result: Hilarious, despite the fact we don’t have any players from the gold medal team on our roster. Also, pretty sure Sabres haven’t won in Winnipeg yet. So… Win.
    - Boos directed at Pronger … result: He tripped. It was funny. Win.
    - Chants and signs directed at Bryzgalov … result: Hard to say when he’s such a Jekyll-and-Hyde-type goalie. However, as a Russian person, living in Winnipeg, right across an admittedly small park, but a park nonetheless, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of booing Mr. Universe. Win.

    Point is, I can’t tell if the booing in our barn is effective or not. It’s always entertaining though, regardless of outcome. Really curious to see, in the future, how we greet a star player who signs elsewhere during free agency (a la Suter). We didn’t boo Glass on his return with the Pens… but then again, despite being a fan favourite here last year… he’s no Suter.

    • Or in the case of playing against the Coyotes the Jets fans booed the entire team every time they touched the puck last season.

  6. No love for Anti Niemi for the Vezina? He’s 4th in GAA and 2nd in save % playing for a team that seldom scores more than 2 goals per game.

    • He was on my list pre-show but I felt I had to cap it or else I would have listed like 10 candidates for Vezina and that’d just be silly. I am bad at decisions.

  7. To add to the Montreal love-fest – yes they’ve played way over their heads.. right now they have 13 players with 10 points or more through 26 games.. and Brandon Prust is not one of those guys.

    I’m a Habs fan and I could NEVER have expected that this season. They don’t have one player they can count on on a given night for offense, and that will probably come home to roost in the playoffs, but they are very deep in terms of scoring right now.

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