Update: Corey Perry has been suspended for four games:

Our breakdown of the play below.


I’m pretty sure this is one of the rare “Court of Public Opinion” posts that doesn’t ask “if” there should be a suspension, but rather “how many games.” Let’s take a look at it.

The facts:

Jason Zucker of the Minnesota Wild picked up the puck along the boards at the top of the right circle in the offensive zone. After a short touch, he tries to run a bank pass off the boards up to his right defenseman. Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks was skating in to defend Zucker when he saw him about to gain possession of the puck. After Zucker moves the puck, he briefly looks back to see how the pass turns out, then starts to turn his head around to continue his path (likely to the net, if the pass was completed). Perry continues in a straight line towards Zucker with the intent to hit him, even after the puck has been released. He braces for contact, and comes up and into the hit. He hits Zucker in the head, who goes into the boards, and stays down for an extended period.

My opinion:

I think part of the reason the hit looks (not just looks, also “was”) so bad is that Perry stops looking at Zucker’s location to brace for the impact early. That doesn’t make it okay, but it makes him lose track of body position, and that lack of control was part of the problem. More importantly, the hit was still a step late and on a defenceless player. Contact to the head was made. With Perry’s prior suspension (four games for an elbow on Claude Giroux in 2009), and the fact that Jason Zucker seemed to be concussed, I suspect he’s in trouble here. I think he deserves four or five games, and I think that’s what he’ll get.

(Update: Something I originally missed – you’re only deemed a “repeat offender” if a second incident occurs within eighteen months of the first incident. Therefore, Perry will be judged as a “first time” offender.)

Your opinion:

In the comments, we’d love to hear if you think this was a malicious play, a hockey play, or something totally different. The caveat: as always with “Court of Public Opinion” posts, you have to honestly list your favourite team (I have no dog in the fight as an Isles guy). That doesn’t mean if you’re a Wild fan and you think it was vicious and terrible that your opinion will be immediately discounted. I just think it helps with context.

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  1. Zucker was admiring pass, but hit was still headshot/boarding. One previous suspension (4 games), I’d guess 1-2 games. I don’t think the head was targeted, and Zucker does turn into his shoulder last second. Still would have been bad, but made it worse.

  2. Flyers fan. Perry’s suspension for the Giroux hit won’t count for a repeat offender, I think, since it happened so long ago. Even without that, though, it’s a reckless, illegal hit to the head resulting in injury. 4-5.

  3. I’m thinking 3 or 4 games, it was definitely interference, and definitely a headshot, but it doesn’t seem to me that the head was targeted (Perry isn’t considered a repeat offender since 18 months have lapsed since his last suspension)

  4. Wild fan here. Thought it was dirty, but not “five games” dirty. Three maybe. Just a dumb play. You can argue that Zucker wasn’t ready for contact, but maybe it’s because the puck was 30ft away when he got hit.

  5. Habs fan, have Perry in my pool, would need him this week. But it’s a true blindside hit, even if Zucker was admiring his pass. 3 games minimum, could be 5, would start next monday if I had a say ;)

  6. Caps fan. 5 games is probably right, but with repeat offender I can see Shanahan 7-9 games could come down (aprox 1/3 the remaining season)

  7. Fav team.. Wild. Pretty accurate depiction of hit, and though I agree 5 seems about right, I highly doubt someone of Perry’s star status gets that amount of games. I say he’ll get 2 or 3.

    • Ovechkin got 3 for a charge that wasn’t nearly as violent as this.

      • This is true. And yes, that hit was a lot less damaging. But the league seems to take charging a bit more serious than interference. There’s no jump here, only one of Perry’s skates is off the ice at the point of contact and it’s not because he’s jumping. He just doesn’t want to torque his own knee.

  8. Minnesota Wild fan here. I definitely have a dog in this fight, obviously, and am a huge Zucker fan and love what he’s brought to the team this year.

    Zucker was definitely admiring his pass up the boards. However, that’s no excuse for what looks to be a pretty vicious hit. I’d agree with you that 5 is warranted for the late-ness, the maybe left-his-feet-ness, and the head-contact-ness of the hit. If I had to guess, though, I’d say 3 games. Perry is a star player on a high profile team, Shanny doesn’t like to hand out big punishments to those kinds of guys.

  9. Wild fan

    Dirty hit to the head. 3 games. One other thing to consider, Perry has several inches on Zucker and I think that was a major factor in Perry getting mostly noggin on that hit.

  10. As a Canucks fan, I believe Zucker was in the hitting zone…… can’t watch the pass for so long. As a guy who hates Corey Perry, I’m sure he did it on purpose, because he’s just like that. As a guy who just traded in Vanek for Perry in my pool, I’m pissed that he’ll probably miss the rest of the week. Just another reason for me to hate Perry more.

  11. Sens fan. Love Perry and hope Ottawa takes a crack at him.

    Still, while I don’t see this as blatantly malicious, it was violent and irresponsible and clearly caused an injury.

    5 games sounds about right.

  12. Canucks fan. Don’t care for either team overall, though I do like the Ducks… Except Perry. He’s one of the few people I hate seeing on the Team Canada roster. Careless and reckless play just to make the hit. I’d say he gets 5 for the ‘Superstar’ discount, but probably deserving of more since this ain’t his first rodeo when it comes to questionable plays. Guy needs to wake up and imagine if it was his brain being rattled around in his cranium possibly messing up his career potential.

  13. Ducks fan. I agree with everything you said, although maybe a bit more time, reckless hit and deserves punishment, unsure of how star player factors in though.

  14. Interference definitely, Not really dirty per se, just idiotic. should be suspended 3 and learn to check responsibly. Go devils

  15. Habs fan chiming in…

    I’d like to see a slightly different angle if it exists. As much as Zucker puts himself in a shitty spot by looking back over his right shoulder while moving forward into the corner at that particular spot on the ice, Perry has to see that the puck is long gone and Zucker is looking in the completely opposite direction.
    It’s a tough play for a guy like Perry who obviously isn’t afraid to mix it up and throw his weight around, and is looking to finish every check with force. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of this play, I feel he could have eased up and more or less bumped Zucker into the wall or even guide him hard into the corner with his arms as opposed to leading hard with the shoulder. I’d guess 3 or 4 games is pretty adequate. Despite the end result being an unfortunate injury, I don’t think that it was an excessively malicious hit, nor was there considerable intent to injure.
    Hope Zucker’s alright though.

  16. hawk fan here, four games.

  17. Pens fan. I don’t get the feeling it was malicious, but i’d be surprised if it’s less than 3 games. I kept freeze framing around the :50 mark. Unfortunate. Hope he’s okay.

  18. preds fan. yes the head was hit, but was not targeted so let’s stop calling this a headshot. notice how far zucker is cutting (and his head is turned about as far as it can go). and as bourne says, perry commits to the hit very early. those two things combined are what make this so bad. perry might get a few games for being reckless, but this wasn’t malicious in any way.

  19. Worth noting folks: repeat offender status only counts when calculating the financial impact of the suspension (games missed versus days missed). Previous suspensions, even if a player has a clean record for the last 18 months, can be factored into the length of the suspension.

    5 games. It was very late. Pens fan.

  20. Hawks fan:
    It seemed more of a lack of thought than anything else. It was late, contact to the head was made, and Zucker stayed down a long time so I get the feeling it will be four or less just because Kaleta only got five and that was way more vicious than this

  21. Leafs Fan. I don’t believe it was late. “Do not admire your pass” is a saying For a reason. I could not tell from that angle if he hit him on the head, but if he did its a couple of games for sure. I am a believer of no head shots regardless of intention.

    • I timed it a few times and get 0.5 seconds from puck release to body contact on average. Real time. Not a late hit.

      • Should be noted that the only person I saw mention the late-hit argument was a Habs fan…Not saying anything, but….. Definitely not interference, just a nasty, dirty hit on an unsuspecting player & I have no doubt his intent was to welcome Zucker to the show in the only way he knows how. He must be one of those guys you love to have on your team, but hate to play against. Probably why I can’t stand him unless he’s got a maple leaf on the jersey.

        • For what it’s worth, the call on the ice was 5+GM for Interference so, even if no one here thinks it was late, Jean Hebert did and the Dep of Player Safety will too.

          I say 7 games. In addition to it being late, it was a predatory and avoidable hit on a defenseless opponent and the head was the principle point of contact.

          Bruins fan.

        • Must be the first 5+game interference call in the history of the game.

  22. Avs fan. Really rough hit, really unnecessary. It’s the kind of play that needs to be strongly pushed out, as late hits are often the worst hits. 6-7 games.

  23. Fan of whatever team is playing Corey Perry. He’s the Chris Pronger of the league now that Chris Pronger is gone.

    That said, regardless of who the player is, the broken record needs to stop repeating. Hits to the head need to be addressed harshly. No less than 5 games for this.

  24. Leaf fan. That’s called finishing your check+physics. No suspension.

  25. Sharks fan – and where Perry is concerned, 25 games. Oh wait, I should attempt to be unbiased huh? Okay, these are the Ducks and Perry is a dirty Duck, so 10 games. I tried.

  26. Kings fan, and Perry can go to hell…I’d love to see hits like this get 10 games automatically but I think 5 is more likely.

    And for the record, the only reason Perry even attempted this hit was because he knew Zucker was smaller and in a vulnerable position; it’s exactly the kind of player he is.

    • So if this deserves 10 games, why did Jarret Stoll not get anything for boarding Cam Fowler. I see a lot of similarities to the two plays and Stoll walked scot free.

      • I can’t answer your question as I’m not in the league office; I do think Stoll deserved 1-2 games. However, the fact that you think there was a lot of similarities between these two hits leads me to suspect you’re not comparing them all that rationally.

  27. 2 things come to mind. 1 Perry could have held up but chose not to. 2 Perry seems to elevate Himself up toward the head making it look even worse. Zucker was vulnerable and I feel Perry took advantage of His position.

  28. Sharks Fan. Parry hater…
    …and yet, I have to agree with the 5. Wouldn’t be upset with 4. He lays into Zucker’s head, for sure, but there is a difference between trying to hurt a guy and trying to light him up. This looks to me like he was trying to do the latter and it wen’t wrong.
    It was irresponsible (I agree that he kind of lost control of the hit he was throwing), and definitely suspendable, but it doesn’t make my blood boil like some of the things that Parry has done.

    As I said, I am a Parry hater (I once wrote this – http://obstructedviewsports.net/2011/06/23/there-is-no-god/), but I feel like his game has been cleaner in the past couple of years, and this didn’t look like an attempt to injure to me.

  29. I believe that the Corey Perry hit was late and unnessesary, however Zucker did admire his pass for to long and therefore should have been bracing for contact if he knew Perry was approaching. I think Perry deserves 2 games, which is the same as Taylor Hall got for his hit against the Wild.However, because of Perry’s history, I believe the NHL will give him 3 games.
    Favorite Team is the Anaheim Ducks!

  30. NYR fan. The hit was so late I can’t consider it anything but malicious. Perry had plenty of time to think to himself I am going to fuck this guy up and he did it.
    Unless the NHL adjusts the rules, or enforces the existing ones, to reestablish the idea that the purpose of a check is to separate a player from the puck someone will eventually get killed. I’d give him 10 but he’ll get 3 or 4.

  31. leafs / kings fan…. Im not sure, its hard to tell how late the pass was, I remember being taught in minor hockey theres about 2-3 seconds after the hit pass that you can finish your check, while the check was a little late and a bit far out from the boards im not sure it deserves that many games… 1-2 max i think even with repeat offence. players usually have to be ready for a hit when they have the puck. even after theyve passed it.

  32. Hawks fan. There is finishing your check when your opponent is on the boards and they take it into the glass, or when a d man dumps the puck out and he’s in the open but just gets a little push, this was not a finished check. Say how long it was you want, he has a record of going out of his way to make a dumb hit when he’s trying to get the team fired up. Nobody thinks that hit was okay. Who cares what zucker was looking back for whether it was to admire his pass or because he sensed he gave it away, your allowed to look around the ice, plus I don’t think him looking in the direction of Perry would have put him in any worse spot. I think it SHOULD be 5-7. Maybe zucker isn’t crosby but he’s a talented young player having a decent stint and for all we know his career COULD not will but could be plagued by a hit like that. Same with all headshots of course but I just don’t feel there is necessity to possibly wreck someone’s career over a “finished hit”, and that’s why I would hope it would be in that range of games.

    • Blues fan, he should get at least 5 games if not more for his careless disregard for zucker’s safety. My big problem with the check is his intent due to their size disparity Perry is going to hit Zucker in the head no matter what in this scenario and skates in like he is going to blow him up anyway.

  33. Flyers fan. After Harry Z got 4 games, this has to be at least that. I’d guess 5 games? The “don’t admire your pass” shit aside, this was still a hit where the head was targeted and the victim was in a defenseless position. Giroux elbow aside, I don’t think Perry is a dirty player but he definitely shouldn’t have steamrolled Zucker.

  34. Sens fan.
    I hate understand the saying “admiring the pass” – he’s not standing there congratulating himself on moving the puck, he’s looking to see where the puck went/who has possession/where should he go on the ice. Remember that Zucker’s a rookie, and has only played 17 games under Yeo. The last thing he wants is to screw up. Can you fault him for LOOKING at the puck? Only if Corey Perry is on the ice.
    (Sorry for the random rant but I hate that phrase)

    Torres on Hossa was 0.83 late, if this was 0.5 like someone ^ said, it’s still late but not the worst thing in the world. Unsuspecting victim, hit high after the puck was gone, I will go with 4.

  35. Just to update – McKenzie is reporting that it’s a phone hearing, so the max suspension is five games.

    And “admiring his pass” should go the way of “she was asking for it.”

    • Apples and Oranges.

    • when you admire your pass you ARE asking for it. “she was asking for it” is not relevant as there are no women playing in th NHL

    • There is an assumption of risk when playing NHL hockey, you have to be aware at all times and protect yourself. Quite different from a woman wearing a mini-skirt on Friday night.
      Anyone who has ever played contact sports should know better than to look over their shoulder for longer than a breath.

  36. Devs fan here. I think this was just an unfortunate hit. Perry was finishing his check (was it late? I think it’s closer than it looks. I’ve seen worse) and was reasonably expecting Zucker to take the contact. We’re fine up to here.

    The issue starts with Zucker admiring his pass. It’s been drilled into every hockey player’s skull since the time they were 10 or so: Don’t admire your pass, or you’re going to get leveled. Now, I know that the Shanny is going to come up and say it’s the responsibility of the person delivering the check to hold up, but it’s not that simple.

    My bottom line: If Zucker doesn’t admire his pass and leans into the hit, it’s a rather boring hockey play.

    Give Perry 1 game cuz you have to these days, but I feel it’s rough on him. I don’t think he was headhunting here.

  37. I think Perry should get a one gamer for this. Timing was alright, he just left his feet a little to hit his head and it would have been face to face if Zucker wasn’t watching his pass. Plus Perry isn’t known for doing this kind of thing.
    - New Jersey Devils fan

  38. Habs fan here. I think that you have to take other suspensions into account. Kaleta got 5 for something that was more dangerous. So I say perry gets three max. Probably just 2.

  39. I’m going with the announcer on this one. It’s not necessarily dirty since he didn’t lead with his elbow/hands extended, but it is bad because he catches looking the complete opposite way.

    IMO, I think Perry wasn’t expecting Zucker to look back at his pass and was expecting him to cut in from the boards, then once he realizes that isn’t happening and he’s committed his body to the check, he’s probably thinking “Oh shit, this going to be bad”. If Zucker cuts in, he has a potential moment to brace for the impact. I think Perry will probably get 2/3 games for this, 4 max.

    I also don’t agree with the call being labelled as “Interference”; he’s finishing his check, not preventing him getting to the puck. “Boarding” seems more appropriate. And I’m a Leafs fan

  40. Wild fan, or at least for however much longer I can stand the NHL.

    If Zucker was admiring his pass it in no way excused the fact that Perry targeted the head, and had no reason to complete the hit, and those of you making that point should be ashamed of yourself.

    If we are talking the c-word for Zucker, and Perry gets just five games (which is the phone hearing max) it will so thoroughly illustrate that the so-called department of player safety isn’t serious, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    I never threatened to quit watching the NHL over any labor issue, however, if the pattern is Bouchard, then Zucker, what’s the point. Anybody that’s good gets hurt, while too many fans blame the victim.

    • I don’t think blaming Zucker is in order, heck us Ducks fans love the kid, he’s one of us! I think the people that don’t see this as some egregious infraction see how a few factors contributed to the hit and injury. 1. Admiring the pass 2. Height disparity between the two players 3. Zucker changing direction into the oncoming hit 4. Perry playing physical and looking to hit somebody.

      • I appreciate your tone, but from your list
        1) I find this irrelevant,
        2) I can concede the size differential may be a factor in the severity, but it doesn’t matter how big Perry is, the puck was at the blue line when he makes the hit, making it late and unnecessary.
        3) Zucker was in his turn well before the hit and again well after the puck is gone
        4) I find this irrelevant as well, it was way late.

        • Wild fans are way to biased. ya im a ducks fan but alot of that is on the player to pay attention to where he is and not admire his pass.

          Hope he doesn’t get more than 3

          Lets consider Torres’ hit on Palmieri where no suspensions were given and he is injured,
          or stolls hit on fowler

          If Zucker wasnt paying attention to his pass long after it was made and realized he is playing NHL level hockey amd not watching from the stands the hit would not have been as bad. That being said hope he is ok and returns soon.

          • “ya im a ducks fan but alot of that is on the player to pay attention to where he is and not admire his pass.”

            I stopped reading after this.

          • Guess you never learned anything in school.
            If you dont read past the first line how will you ever know anything?

  41. He’ll get a 2 game suspension just for measure. I would have said 1 game suspension, but with the hit on Giroux…regardless of the 18 Month thing. Kind of like when a Jury is told “stricken from the record”, there is still an influential tone.
    For this hit, his feet stay planted on the ice, not skating full speed, and pretty much upright instead of driving through the hit, and he did not raise the elbow. It’s just a matter of height difference and inability to react and change course.
    While he meant to lay down a good hit, I believe him when he says he doesn’t go out to hurt guys…in the sense that he doesn’t go for the head.
    NY Rangers

  42. Caps fan. Terrible hit, the puck was long gone and the hit was to the head and could have easily been avoided. I would go with 5 games. I don’t care about the history of the particular player. That being said, if Zucker wants to survive very long in the NHL he better stop watching his passes.

  43. The hit was late but his intent was to finish a check. Seems like we see this all the time just usually the guy being hit doesn’t take so long to turn his head 180 degrees back toward the rest of the ice/offensive zone. It’s bad timing on both players’ part. The hit itself didn’t look high as much as it looked like Zucker’s body was low since he was turning. Perry never left his feet but if they want to cut out the late hits he should get a few games.

    • What do you mean, “never left his feet”????? Looks like you left your glasses on the kitchen counter.

      • No but I did sleep in my contacts last night. I looked again. He left his feet. You’re right. Idk anymore. I still don’t think his intent was a head-shot, but he’ is responsible for not keeping his feet on the ice. Zucker’s position is irrelevant. I’m pulling a Rick James on this one.

  44. Wild fan. Blindside hit around the head area two feet off the boards didn’t look good to me. Perry will probably get one or two games. But Zucker will probably be out for a long, long time. This is his third concussion. And this is what Wild fans suffer through. Our first good goal scoring prospect since Gaborik (that’s thirteen years BTW) going down the same path that ruined PM Bouchard.

    It doesn’t matter what Perry gets, the hit already happened and there’s no real teeth to any of these suspensions, so players have no reason to avoid these hits. One or two games, a few grand? No big deal. Fired up his team, they had all the momentum after that play.

    • Well said, this is exactly what makes me sick about the NHL.

      Oh and still a Wild fan I guess.

      • If you’re 5’8 and playing in the NHL, you’d better have your head on a swivel. If you are 5’8, in the NHL and have a history of concussions you’d better also be aware of the dangerous areas of the ice and who is on the ice when you are. If you can’t do that, you won’t last long enough to collect a pension. Don’t like it? Watch basketball instead.

  45. Ducks fan. I thought it was a late hit but timed it and less than 1 second elapsed between the pass and the hit. Perry lines him up and as he starts to deliver the hit Zucker turns into him suddenly, this causes the head contact. He only left his feet after the contact was made. He doesn’t extend his elbow until follow through. If Shanahan uses the same logic he applied to Jarret Stoll’s hit on Cam Fowler, there will be no suspension.

  46. Sens fan here, looking at the hit, I think it’s reckless more than intentionally dangerous. He makes contact with the head, which may be unintentional, but still should be a factor in the suspension. Also a very late hit on an unsuspecting player (think torres on hossa). I believe the hit could have been a little less reckless had Perry not come laterally to hit Zucker. I think 5 based on the shortened season is an appropriate suspension.

  47. wild fan. 4 games min. reckless and border-line dirty (full-out dirty is when there’s intent to injure). i realize it’s a fast game, but these hits on players after they get rid of the puck and are vulnerable just hurt the game, although it unfortunately plays well with some of hockey’s fan base.

  48. Wild fan, but that doesn’t play into this. At least 4 games, and should be more. Has anyone even mentioned that Perry left his skates to deliver the hit? Now that’s dirty no matter what.

  49. Blackhawks. 4 games because Zucker slightly turned last second

  50. Penguins fan, therefore a bit sensitive about headshots, usually. It’s late…but that’s the only problem I see here. His left foot comes up before contact, but I think that’s just to avoid his leg making contact with something when his skate’s gripping the ice (that can do a number on his knee). He’s not launching himself into the guy’s face like Zolnierczyk or Torres did. Zucker’s head snaps around just before Perry hits him, which constitutes a change of position.

    Maybe I”m in the minority, but I don’t think this is a big deal apart from being way late. If Zucker gets back up, I have a hard time believing anyone who wasn’t watching the game ever sees or hears about this hit.

    2 games. 1 for interference, 1 for injury.

  51. Wild fans are way to biased. ya im a ducks fan but alot of that is on the player to pay attention to where he is and not admire his pass.

    Hope he doesn’t get more than 3

    Lets consider Torres’ hit on Palmieri where no suspensions were given and he is injured,
    or stolls hit on fowler

    If Zucker wasn’t paying attention to his pass long after it was made and realized he is playing NHL level hockey amd not watching from the stands the hit would not have been as bad. That being said hope he is ok and returns soon.

  52. Ducks fan. I don’t believe any malicious intent. Didn’t launch himself at zucker. Zucker actually tried too late to avoid the hit which actually made it worse. 3 games.

  53. Avs fan here.
    Definitely a hit that served no purpose. Perry did not need to make that play. But I will add that it doesn’t look that bad for as fast as the play happened. The damage was minimal for the situation. It could have been much worse had Perry had intent here. He looks like he actually takes his eyes off Zucker, maybe even avoiding it. Perry didn’t look to happy with himself while he was in the box for those few moments before the major was given. He was definitely concerned, maybe remorseful. I don’t think he realized the situation of his hit.

    He’ll probably get 3 games.

  54. Ducks fan.

    -Hit didn’t look good, and caused an injury.
    -Head was the principle point of contact.
    -Perry left his feet to make the hit.
    -Zucker turned.
    -Perry not a repeat offender by the NHL standards.
    -Perry could be considered a star by NHL, and likely is.

    My prediction: 3 games, but it would have been 5 if Perry was a repeat offender.

  55. Ducks fan… Just a stupid hit. Not malicious at all. Very late to be sure, but zuckers head was down and perry is just tall, i dont think perry was even looking at zucker when he laid the hit so i find it hard to believe that he was going for the head. I think zuckers head hit the boards and the ice and that is what made him stay down, if zucker gets up right after all i think wouldve happened is a 2 minute minor for intf. Hope kid is ok, hes from my home town newport beach.

  56. Rangers fan. Pretty late and a blindside to the head. 3 games.

  57. Zucker is skating with the wild today, didnt even take a day off. Hmmmm maybe he laid there for so long out of legitimate shock, or maybe being nervous because he didnt know if he was hurt or not. Glad he’s ok.

    • Now if he was really that hurt and his team feared a concussion there is no way they would play him or even skate him out of fear of worse things happening. If hes ok then the 4 game suspension was not at all justified.

      I guess Perry can get speared in the nuts by another opponent….. that’s fine i guess.

  58. 4 games is steep in MOI. Zucker should be more aware of the play. These kind of suspensions will only hurt the game. In the game of hockey there needs to be some responsibility to each player in regards to protecting themselves. Its a gladiator sport where there are danger zones. Looking back at your pass while drifting into the corner 2 feet from the boards is asking for it. At this rate of suspensions hockey will be more like soccer and less like a sport I would want to watch. Anyone feeling sorry for zucker has clearly not played a decent level of contact hockey. You say those are cheap shots and these type of suspensions are in place to protect the players? I say anyone of use would gladly accept those pay cheques with less regulation and greater risk. “keep your head up”. “keep your stick on the ice”, ” never admire your pass”. Three very basic hockey fundementals.

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