Excellent save by Gustavsson on a well executed Forsberg (or Nilsson, whatever)

Excellent save by Gustavsson on a well executed Forsberg (or Nilsson, whatever)

Howdy! Today’s topic covered:

* PK Subban’s shot

* Bryzgalov’s comments on the home-and-home with New Jersey

* Gustavsson gets hung out to dry

* Chris Kelly’s bone is borked

* Jakub Silfverberg is good

* Kovalchuk’s short-handed greatness

* And much more

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  1. Lok was for a 5th. Close enough. Lou is a genius.

    • The guy went from 7 points in 39 games w/ LA to 7 points in 12 games this year w/ NJ. A bit of an improvement from what LA saw from him. Not sure who that’s on. Safe to say he’s been given a bit more of a chance w/ NJ this year. On the other hand, he never really did much for LA at all last year. It’d be hard to ask for more than a 5th.

      • All of this I think is evidence of your point that he is apparently a genius.

      • To be fair, he’s playing with better players here in NJ. It sounded like he was stuck on the depth chart, a good player, but no room at the inn, so to speak. I think the trade rewarded a team who did their homework and saw potential in the kid, even if he wasn’t given a big chance to shine.

  2. Re Repeat Offender status – I thought this only applied with reference to how fine is calculated –

    Non-Repeat: Based on number of days / 365
    Repeate: Based on number of days/182 (days in season)

  3. Who works for the Senators now? Chris who? I avidly follow the advanced statistics and analytics used in baseball and am very interested in learning about the individuals leading the movement in the NHL.

  4. Lok was entirely a depth chart thing. He’s not going to unseat Kopi or Richards, and he’s not good if playing on the wing.

    So his best-case scenario would’ve been unseating Stoll on the third line, and his production would’ve been about the same it always has been in LA.

  5. On the NHL 94 thing – the Hawks are a safe choice, and the Kings are good / great IF YOU DON’T PLAY WITH LINE CHANGES (or short period). You’ve gotta move McSorley off the first line, however.

    (Tony Granato is secretly awesome in that game, but he was the best non-Roenick player in the entire damn game in NHL 93. But you can’t move him up above Luc / Kurri / Sandstrom.)

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