Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils

“Game of the Night” is a feature that takes a daily look at the best game on the NHL schedule, and sets it up for you. So y’know, you should probably watch the game below. This is brought to you by the Werner Ladder Company (check out their hockey vid here), because how else do you think the bulbs in the red goal light get changed?



New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers


New Jersey Devils: 13-9-5 (last 10: 3-6-1) – 6th in East, 31 points

Philadelphia Flyers: 12-15-1 (last 10: 4-6-0) – 11th in East, 25 points


What, you wanted Nashville/Calgary?


This is the fourth time they’ve played; New Jersey won the previous three games. Hell, if you want to go back further, they’ve beaten the Flyers seven straight times.

Puck drop: 7:00 p.m. EST

Need to know:

* Ilya Bryzgalov said before this home-and-home versus the Devils that if they got swept, their season was done. They already lost the first one. Yiiii.

* The Flyers have lost four of their last five, and while it’s fun to say “they’re too good to be this bad,” they’re running out of time to prove it.

* Bryzgalov is about to start his 27th game of the season (of a possible 29). No other goalie has played more than 23 (via

* Johan Hedberg is about to set a personal best with 11 straight starts (though it’s worth noting that he is not very good by NHL standards. So there, it’s been noted).

* Ilya Kovalchuk has points in five straight games (it’s worth noting that he is very good by NHL standards. So there.)

Player stats: 


Injuries (via

Brodeur, Tallinder and Dainius Zubrus (left wrist) are all on the Devils’ injured reserve list. … The Flyers are without Tye McGinn (orbital) and Jody Shelley (hip). Luke Schenn sat out the game Wednesday with the flu.


Johan Hedberg and Ilya Bryzgalov, though the latter is still technically unconfirmed.

What I’m looking forward to:

Oddly, I’m looking forward to watching Travis Zajac and figuring out what the heck is wrong with him. In the past eight games he has no goals, two assists and is minus ten. Not that plus minus is a huge deal, but this dude hasn’t had a plus game since February 24th, the last time he scored. He has 4 and 4 for 8 total points in 27 games. Less-than-ideal from a guy you signed through 2021 at $5.75M per.

Also, I’ll be trying to figure out what’s up with Philly. Between Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell, Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds, Sean Courturier and others, I cannot understand why they’re doing so poor.


No-brainer for me – desperate Flyers team at home against Hedberg. Book it.

Game of the Night prediction record:


When you’re picking the most interesting games, they’re never going to be easy predictions. Just trying to keep my head above water.