Mike Ribeiro vs. Brad Marchand

Washington Capitals v Toronto Maple Leafs

Two names you least expect to hear involved in a fight did just that in today’s game between the Capitals and Bruins, as Brad Marchand and Mike Ribeiro dropped the gloves at the end of the second period.

For Ribeiro, it was surprisingly the first fight in his 13 year career.

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  1. Hendricks was a major sissy in that game. Lost two fights majorly and was too scared shitless to go with Thornton. Unreal.

    • I was laughing so hard when he wouldn’t fight Thornton. Nobody on that team would, and Thorty was definitely willing to go. So Hendricks turned to the next guy that wasn’t Thornton to save face. Too bad for him it was Mcquaid, who hits pretty hard too, doesn’t let up, and has 5 inches on Thornton. The best was when they both went down and Mcquaid got right back up to throw a few more punches. Dropped twice by non-fighters and too scared to fight actual enforcer. That’s pretty embarrassing.

    • Bullshit. Thornton’s a bigger weight class, and he was a classless asshole to try and force someone below his weight class to fight. Bruins are the biggest bunch of goons around, and the biggest hypocritical fucks when it comes to goons attacking skill players and whining about it.

      Basically a team full of hot, steaming STDs.

  2. If anyone was going to be his first, it should be Marchand. Even Ghandi would want to beat the shit out of that scummy little rat.

  3. Agreed on Marchand

  4. I guess Ribiero figures he has to do everything himself, he has been all season.

  5. I’m surprised it took this long for someone to try to punch out Ribiero.

  6. how a nose didn’t get broken here is a mystery science itself can’t explain.

  7. The two biggest rats in the league goin at er

  8. So brave of Marchand to fight Ribeiro ! And he had to leave Chara’s underskirt to do that ! What a great leader !

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