Washington Capitals v Boston Bruins

Matt Hendricks was not a popular Washington Capital on Saturday, and Adam McQuaid was at the top of the list of people who wanted to tear a strip off him.


The two had a bit of a running feud, as you can see. (Also noteworthy on there: Mike RiBiero got into his first NHL fight after 13 seasons in that game.)

As the game was winding down and it was pretty clear that the Bruins were in the driver’s seat, it was time to settle some other scores. Shawn Thornton lined up across from Hendricks, and could’ve cared less if there was a puck on the ice. He was not subtle – pretty comical stuff, actually.

But lo! While Thornton was hunting Hendricks, the latter noticed McQuaid (or vice versa), and he realized that he was going to have to fight someone here, and while McQuaid is a tough cookie, he’s no Shawn Thornton.

So Hendricks took the logical course of action: juke Thornton to get to the not-remotely-easy-but-still-slightly-easier fight.

I loved the shimmy – it’s like he was taking a shootout attempt or something he was so tricky.

The only problem here was the whole “breaking your knuckle on another dude’s head” thing.

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  1. Hendricks had been hunting a post-concussion Horton all game. He had to have known it could lead to this eventually if the game was decided before the buzzer.

  2. Typically, Marchand and Thornton get to pick their fights while Lucic was nowhere to be found when Scott showed up with Buffalo earlier this year.

    • Why would Lucic bother to fight a guy who only plays 5mins a game?

      • What he said. Lucic isn’t having much of a season, but if my 30 goal power forward is fighting a 45 second per night goon, I’m ripping him a new one at the end of the period. Even if he wins.

  3. the mullet on the woman(?) at 0:49 is first rate.

  4. The problem with choosing McQuaid over Thornton is that McQuaid is batshit crazy when it comes to fighting.

  5. Lucic destroyed Scott last year. Hendricks lost to McQuaid and would have been demolished by Thornton. He really and across as a classless sissy in that game.

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