So this is kind of cool: earlier today, Barry Petchesky of Deadspin tweeted out a link to a website called “Don’t Tell Me The Score,” which can be found at DTMTS.com.

It is, as it sounds, a website where you can go watch the latest highlight packages from NHL.com without the inevitable “I know how this game ends” spoiler. As in, the page is essentially blank except for the icons that take you to the games, where you can watch them in sizes small, medium and large, all without the score being visible anywhere on the screen.

Not everyone is able to watch every game every night, and most hockey fans like to know what’s going on around the league, so this is the perfect way to get your fill without having the fun being sucked out of it by knowing how it ends before you start.

Again: Don’t Tell Me The Score: kinda cool.

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  1. Can’t believe it took us this long to come up with something like this. Brilliant.

  2. The fact that NHL doesn’t provide such a service itself is unbelievably embarrassing.

    • The Gamecenter app actually has a feature to not display scores so you can watch either a condensed game or full game recap without knowing ahead of time

      • Except that you can’t get to the Condensed Game without seeing a title to the effect of “Bruins stomp Sabres into last in the Northeast”, and when watching a replay you can see exactly how much time is left, thus ruining the suspense in the last 5 minutes.

  3. I have the scores turned off in my PS3 gamecenter so i can ‘watch from beginning’ on the off chance that feature decides to work. Makes highlight watching more fun as well.

  4. Been waiting for this forever. Hope it sticks, and really hope it catches on. Now if only I could follow a team on Facebook without them blurting out scores to the games I’m recording.

  5. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. A great resource for those of us who live in time zones where games are played in the middle of the night.

  6. Finally. Thanks for sharing.

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