And it is magnificent.

Really cool stuff for anyone who played NHL ’94 growing up. Having recently played the game for the first time in a many years, I’m semi-obsessed with this video.

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  2. wrong camera angle.

  3. The key to the video is how the Datsyuk is about ten feet away from the net when the goal is registered. You cannot get more NHL 94 than that.

  4. Gustavsson’s number is wrong SMH

  5. that was my favourite goal song

  6. Nice video edit, the best part was running the instant replay over and over to make it sound like a fleet of fire trucks were on the ice.

  7. How in the world are there TWO ASSISTS on the goal?!

  8. That is awesome. Used to play NHLPA 93 all the time as a kid, then tried out a modded NHL 94 with 2013 rosters on an emulator on the iPad. Pretty awesome way to break up the 9-5 day playing a buddy head to head with Wiimotes.

  9. Offscreen, Nicklas Kronwall is hitting the C button and repeatedly knocking over Predators before the next faceoff.

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