This guy wears a visor and is still pretty good. So does that Crosby fella.

This guy wears a visor and is still pretty good. So does that Crosby fella.

Today, Chris Johnston (who if you’re not following on Twitter, you should) tweeted that Mathieu Schneider said that the NHLPA will poll its membership about grandfathering in mandatory visors. Kind of like what was done with helmets. Of course, this prompted some reaction from the rest of Twitter. Here are some.

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  1. At what point do we just stop caring about what the players think about *anything*. You can’t ask them about anything player safety related, because they have to be seen as macho tough guys, who goshdarnit would play naked and use their dicks as sticks if given the chance. You cant ask them about any action on the ice, because they will almost invariably support their side, regardless of the evidence. Its a rare time that I actually care what a player thinks (except someone like Justin, who might actually have an independent, unbiased, unafraid opinion).

    • Yeah, and frankly, when you go to work, does your boss ask you which safety measures you feel like following? No, they just tell you.

  2. Entirely unrelated yet entirely correct.

  3. Awkward Internet moments. Part I.

    Seeing the post from RCSheppy above, wondering who he was, googling “Ryan Sheppard” to see if he was more than a random dork, and seeing police reports.

    The two are (probably) NOT RELATED (what?, I don’t know the family background), mind you, but still, awkward moment.

  4. Damn, never in my wildest dreams did I think i’d make the “Idiot” section of this blog. Man, that’s actually hilarious and somewhat disheartening…

    Also, I can assure you I have never been arrested.

  5. The English Ice Hockey Association introduced a ‘grandfather’ ruling on visors about 4 years ago – they set a cut off date and anyone born after that date had to wear a visor as a minimum (cage still applicable for under 18s obviously)

    It was a player safety decision for them as well – albeit one arguably driven by insurance premiums.

  6. No problem with a visor rule, EXCEPT that a new penalty would have to be introduced. Fighting with a visor = 5 minute major penalty. Why? So that the cheap shot artists have to answer for their actions WITHOUT a protective shield around their face. If no penalty, these punks will start fights while wearing a visor….guys like Pacioretty.

  7. My grandfather would never wear a visor. Same with my uncle.

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