This is a beard that a hockey player on planet Earth is currently sporting, via @linushugosson. His name is Emil Kaberg, and he plays in Örebro of Sweden’s second division. Eat your heart out, Brian Wilson. This one is entirely real, and it is spectacular.

…Shout-out to Radko Gudas.

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  1. Pfff, One mans opinion

  2. not only is it a great beard it will also protect his neck from flying pucks

  3. Wow, more impressive than the beard is Bourne’s Seinfeld reference! And here I thought the running gag was that you needed pop culture training. :D

  4. Hey, Brent Burns combed his hair.

  5. …Too bad Gudas trimmed his facial-flow back to a mere shrubbery. Last week, after having been called up, he looked eerily similar to the iconic Pampero Firpo in his heyday. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  6. Gregory Zanon says “hello”. His beard conquers nations.

  7. Lanny is still the GBOAT (greatest beard of all time)

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