The New Jersey Devils were on the powerplay against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight when they took a penalty. The ref’s arm goes up, Carolina has the puck, they pull their goalie to press… You know how this ends.

Most goals by a goalie all-time. Not bad.

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  1. Off the boards too, makes it even worse for the Hurricanes

  2. They changed the rules so he couldn’t score anymore, and he still does it that a boy…

  3. The best part of this clip is Kirk Muller’s disbelieving face. Ha ha ha ha. Eff off Muller. Sincerely, the New York Islanders fans.

  4. There is something messed up with the rules here. How can he NOT have possession of the puck (thus causing the whistle), but still get credit for the goal? I guess it’s just the last to touch it, not posses it, but that’s still messed up.

    • Same logic is used when credit for goals is given to the person who deflected the puck in; they never had possession, but their contact with the puck helped cause a goal.

  5. well, i guess i’ll be the one to say it.. brodeur only is the best in this category because his team defensive system

    • Is that why they were winning sooo many games with Hedberg in net? idiot.

      • even brodeur has bad streaks, so yes, hedberg came in when the devils were having a defensive system break down.. how well have they done since niederwiener left? idiot

        • Not so bad. You might recall they were in the Stanley Cup Finals last year.

        • Seriously? They’ve missed the playoffs once since Niedermayer left. Once. They made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year and stretched the series further than anyone else who played the Kings did.

          With Brodeur, the Devils are 9-2-0-3
          Without Brodeur, the Devils are 5-9-0-3

          You think it’s all the team’s defensive system? You aren’t watching the games, obviously. The Canes were absolutely shelling Brodeur in the first period. A lesser goalie would have given up many more.

  6. Own goals need to be introduced in hockey.

  7. Marty Brodeur snapped his 850 game goal slump last night! Credit his coaches for sticking with him through the tough times…

    saw that tweet last night from my brother. awesome

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