You knew things were bad in Buffalo, but the good news for them is, they’ve passed sad and entered hilarious. Posted by YouTube user JenRossi1991, enjoy the Buffalo Sabres liquidation event.

(Stick-tap to Puck Daddy)

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  1. Shoulda hired Tobias Funke.

  2. It hurts, but it hurts even more that it isn’t true…

  3. Man, I could almost jump ship and be a Sabres fan. It loks like more fun. Time for Dangle to step up his act to compete with that …

  4. Just fucking brilliant!!! One of the best ever.

  5. Oh, my God, we’re having a fire!!! Sale. Oh, the burning! It burns me! Evacuate all the schoolchildren! This isn’t a fever! Can’t even see where the knob is! And… scene.

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