New Jersey Devils  v Carolina Hurricanes

Friday! That means it’s a SLewis show, on which we discussed:

* Alexei Kovalev retiring

* Mike Smith crying coyote wolf

* Rick Nash’s hit on Tomas Kopecky

* Brodeur’s third career goal

* Lupul’s fair suspension

* Boston’s dominance in Ottawa

* And much, much more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. I’m pretty sure that Smith leaving the game was related to him getting hit from Edler, Sedin hit him earlier in the game.

    • And I’m pretty sure that Smith left the game because he got “whiplash” when he tackled Edler after being hit and taking his ginormous dive. Seriously.

      • yes I know when I’m trying to draw a penalty the first thing I do is stand up and drag the guy down attempting to beat the crap out of him.

  2. I’m curious why you guys did the vodcast for the world juniors, but no video for the NHL season. Too costly?

  3. Off topic but Ovechkin is now tied for 7th in goals scored. He finished 5th last year. He might never get Stamkos numbers again but pretty impressive when his current and last year numbers are a “rut.” There was an article on this not too long ago but I just keep laughing every time I hear the commentators speaking of Ovechkins downfall. Brad Marchand has less goals than Ovechkin right now and everyone in Boston thinks Marchand is the second coming.

  4. I’m begging you guys, please bring back beerability. Article for the new rookies this year?

  5. You mentioned goalies scoring goals by shooting, with Hextall and Brodeur, so I want to remind you of Theodore’s, since it was practically behind the net, making it possibly the longest goal ever scored?

  6. just an opinion on the NHL disciplinary committee the Lupul hit was nowhere near as bad as the Nash hit he Nash aimed the elbow directly at his opponents head and landed it,I am a fan of Nash he is a great player but the NHL needs to hire some people who have some fairness and not keep the same direction of the previous and present group totally ridiculous. The Maple Leaf organization should filed a complaint and publically show that they are not happy

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