Vancouver Canucks v Phoenix Coyotes

Mike Smith has taken his goaltender right of contact immunity too far.

When the puck goes behind the net and the opposing team is going to be first on it, Smith likes to leave his net to play the puck away from them, but then he likes to take away any conceivable lane for the forechecker to skate through to avoid plowing him. And when they do take a piece, holy smokes, it looks like Scott Stevens himself headed behind the net with ill will and trucked him Lindros-style.

I will say: it’s not like guys are fully trying to avoid him or anything (he’s out there and a goalie, so…yeah), just funny that it continually happens to him, no?

Here’s what happened last night, Alex Edler edition:

Edler doesn’t exactly try not to hit him, but where’s he supposed to go? Jump the back of the net?

Hey, remember Andrew Shaw in 2012?

Oh!!! He hit ‘em with a folding chair! He hit ‘em with a folding chair!

I know Smith loves wrestling. We should really get Jim Ross to call ‘Yotes games.

Hey, remember what happened with Evander Kane back in 2011?

The full spin! He got caught up in a tornader!

He looked like a guy who swung and missed HARD on a curveball and nearly screwed himself into the ground.

Mike Smith is an entertaining, quality goaltender. I genuinely like him, and would want him on my team. But there’s no doubt that the antics are starting to pile up. Here’s his slash on fellow dive-ist Dustin Brown (the slash was legit the “oh man I can barely get up” was a bit much), here’s him shattering his stick on the post…like I said, we’re getting a collection together here.

The best advice I can give him is that if he’d like to not get bumped behind the net (or steamrolled, depending who you asked), he stay in his crease, or simply take Ludacris’ advice. Once you leave it, there are hockey players skating around. It’s a scary world out there.


Update, cause hey why not. From SB Nation: