Vancouver Canucks v Phoenix Coyotes

Mike Smith has taken his goaltender right of contact immunity too far.

When the puck goes behind the net and the opposing team is going to be first on it, Smith likes to leave his net to play the puck away from them, but then he likes to take away any conceivable lane for the forechecker to skate through to avoid plowing him. And when they do take a piece, holy smokes, it looks like Scott Stevens himself headed behind the net with ill will and trucked him Lindros-style.

I will say: it’s not like guys are fully trying to avoid him or anything (he’s out there and a goalie, so…yeah), just funny that it continually happens to him, no?

Here’s what happened last night, Alex Edler edition:

Edler doesn’t exactly try not to hit him, but where’s he supposed to go? Jump the back of the net?

Hey, remember Andrew Shaw in 2012?

Oh!!! He hit ‘em with a folding chair! He hit ‘em with a folding chair!

I know Smith loves wrestling. We should really get Jim Ross to call ‘Yotes games.

Hey, remember what happened with Evander Kane back in 2011?

The full spin! He got caught up in a tornader!

He looked like a guy who swung and missed HARD on a curveball and nearly screwed himself into the ground.

Mike Smith is an entertaining, quality goaltender. I genuinely like him, and would want him on my team. But there’s no doubt that the antics are starting to pile up. Here’s his slash on fellow dive-ist Dustin Brown (the slash was legit the “oh man I can barely get up” was a bit much), here’s him shattering his stick on the post…like I said, we’re getting a collection together here.

The best advice I can give him is that if he’d like to not get bumped behind the net (or steamrolled, depending who you asked), he stay in his crease, or simply take Ludacris’ advice. Once you leave it, there are hockey players skating around. It’s a scary world out there.


Update, cause hey why not. From SB Nation:

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  1. This behavior wouldn’t bother me AT ALL (natch… go badass goalie, go!) if not for his concussion history…

  2. Hopefully players just keep rocking him. Eventually he’ll get the point…

    • No he won’t. He gets the point, and knows excatly what it is. If he does this, his team can get on the PP. and it works.

  3. I’m a moron who left a moronic, curse-laden tweet so the editor edited my comment. Neat that that can happen, hey guys?

    • ^^ This is the winning edit.

    • Funny how you guys censor moronic profanity laden comments, but not your own moronic profanity laden programing. If you don’t know what I mean, here’s an example. Check the getting blanked podcast #99 from the other day and tell me how many swears you hear, easily a dozen in a half hour program. Combined with some idiotic and lengthy Japanese joke and then an inability to grasp the basic rules of MLB baseball and tell me what the value of that is?
      If that’s the standard of programming you aspire to, you might as well give up and simply make all your posts the same AP wires that every other sports site runs.

  4. It’s his own fault for this stuff

  5. This headline made me guffaw. I caught this last night and had an instant flashback to the Hawks series last year.

  6. Let us goalies keep our pads the way they are; Get rid of the Hextall/Broduer Lines; Protect goalies if we’re defending our net from shots…. But if we want to come out and handle the puck, let us be fair game like every other skater.

    Some goalies will still come out to play the puck, but others will stay in the crease. Some coaching staffs, or front offices, will limit how often their own goalies go out to play the puck.

    The teams that have goalies who can play the puck will have an advantage; teams with goalies who aren’t good, well…

  7. I would have done the same thing (run him over). Pretty arrogant to think you can go behind the net and play the puck without getting hit like anyone else going behind the net for the puck would. You’re not exempt from contact. You’re not in the crease anymore. You’re going to get hit. Looks like it was incidental anyway. He was going after the puck like he should. How is he supposed to get out of the way? Slam on the breaks the moment he touches the puck? I understand protecting the goalie but I am so sick of the idea that the goalie is such a delicate flower he may shatter into pieces with any amount of contact. Ever since Ryan Miller players have developed a real problem with macho insecurity when it comes to their goalies. Its as if despite all rational thought/reason we must punch anyone who touches our woman. Everyone’s just afraid of getting called out for being soft now. Lame.

  8. It is seriously getting ridiculous. On the Kane and Edler plays there is no way he should have tried to play those pucks with an opponent that close. To me, it looks like Smith takes a little too many chances in playing the puck, but will take up as much real estate as possible when he does take a chance so that he ensures one of two things happen: 1) either the opponent veers away from the puck and he can play it fine, or 2) he gets hit and then can drop, so there is no repercussions from his dumb decision. Look at how close Edler is when Smith gets to the puck, then look at how much room Smith takes up. Edler’s only choice to not him is to completely disregard the puck and jump over the net. Ridiculous.

  9. Are you guys not seeing the direct be-line Edler towards Smith AFTER he realizes he won’t be first to the puck? Where should Edler go at that point? How about NOT charging at Smith’s head. He legitimately has lots of options other then running him through.

    • You mean the beeline to the puck? That he was a stride away from beating Smith to? Smith, the goalie, who might not make a perfect play with it? Yes, Edler could have tried to squeeze a little tighter to the boards (like Evander Kane did), but he still would have hit him. The only option Edler had was to avoid playing the PUCK completely, as Smith was using his body as a shield to be able to play it.

  10. If only he could be nominated for an Oscar; he’d win every time.

  11. Do you know how much I wish they would play that song the next time he gets “hit” in an away arena?

  12. Notice how all three are home games.

  13. Goalies have always been kind of sacred, with an unspoken no-touchy rule in my 20ish years of hockey experience. As a player, I was always taught that you never blame the goalie for goals (although that would be conditionally amended later) and that you NEVER take a run at the other goalie unless you’re trying to start a brawl.

    That said, if I’m a Coyote player, I don’t know if I feel like brawling every night because Mike Smith consistently keeps putting himself in dangerous, contact-prone positions. Yeah Edler took a bit of a liberty, but Kane and Shaw were both attempting to play the puck. I notice Smith stays down like he’s been shot on all 3 until he gets the call. I didn’t see any of the incidents live, but I’d wager that he missed a combined 0 minutes of playing time.

    • The general consensus from Coyotes players/management/fans/broadcast teams is that Smith playing the puck helps more then it hurts and him getting hit isn’t very common. Although there are noticeable instances of getting hit, it is the rarity not the norm so I think they are more then happy to brawl because of it.

  14. I love Daniel in that video, he’s just like, “C’mon guys, quit it, pleeeease quit it?”

  15. First off, to everyone advocating hitting goalies and saying they’re fair game outside of the crease; you’re just wrong. It’s specifically stated in the rules that a goalie can’t be hit anywhere. Wanna know why? BECAUSE THEYRE BIG BLUBBERING VAGINAS AMIRITE?!?!?!? no, actually, it’s because their equipment isn’t designed for either a.) getting hit by huge bodies or b.) quickly getting out of the way of oncoming huge bodies. as quickly as goalies move, you’ll notice it’s generally to get in the way of something, not to get out of the way of it (unless they’re wearing orange and black, apparently).

    Incidental contact is one thing, but I absolutely don’t buy that Edler or Shaw attempted for one split second to stop or avoid contact (same with Lucic a couple years ago). Want to know why I don’t buy it? Because I’ve watched any NHL player, EVER, skate. They’re fully capable of avoiding contact there, but honestly, I bet they thought ‘this is a pretty good chance to knock this guy out and make it look like I did nothing wrong’.

    • the kane thing, however, was completely ridiculous and mike smith absolutely deserved to be scored on there

  16. The thing is that Smith will never be held accountable for his behaviour. He’s in Shanaban’s super goalie bubble.

  17. So edler takes two pumps when Smith is at the puck, then goes shoulder to head and its Smiths fault?

    he was still 5 feet out at that point too. But i guess that’s too far away, for a professional, to brake (so to speak) and take the boards away.

    Justin, you’re perspective on this, as a former forward, is too subjective/bias. I get that he has done this before, bit come on, he had every right to play the puck in his trapezoid, and wad to said puck well before edler would have been.

    • Totally agree, I can’t believe how many people are acting like Edler just bumped into Smith. The guy saw he had no play on the puck, took 2 steps and then jumped into the hit with the primary site of contact being the head. This hit on a player would be dirty let alone the goalie with the puck behind the net.

  18. Wow, looks like this should have been a Court of Public Opinion post.

    I’ll go off on a completely subjective tangent and say that I love Sedin’s ineffective pulling at the pile-up. “Mmph. Mmph. Come ON, you guys. STOPPIT.”

  19. Where is Edler supposed to go? This goalie immunity crap is out of control. Once you leave your crease you’re a skate just like everyone else, except your blades aren’t sharpened and you’re wearing more armor than a Persian Immortal Warrior.

    • He’s supposed to stop skating and try to pinch the boards. In this case he sees the goalie with the puck and takes two more strides before jumping directly into him. Mike Smith does stupid things but in this case he had the puck and Edler saw that.

  20. is anyone else on here as seriously excited about bioshock infinite as i am?

  21. Rules are rules…which is why Edler got suspended for hitting Smith.

    Yes, Smith plays the puck 10-20 times a game behind the net and is regularly challenged by forecheckers who, yes, slam on the breaks and jam away with their stick. Occasionally the forechecker wins the battle and Smith is fantastically out of position (a risk he takes).

    However, Smith rarely gets run in Edleresque fashion behind the net because, in nearly every challenge, the forechecker is not wanting to take a stupid, avoidable penalty.

  22. If you want the goaltender to stop playing the puck, forget the trapezoid. Make them fair game when they leave the blue paint. Give them full protection in the blue paint, and they will stay there.

  23. Wow thanks for this. I had no idea Bubbles was such a prima donna. The slash to Brown was right out of Hextall’s book. About leaving the crease: fine but keep your head up. Price and Rinne do it all the time and never seen to get run over.

  24. Welp. I have a new favourite player. Hilarious.

  25. I’d say he needs to start playing soccer…. except that even SOCCER goalies aren’t that blatant…

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