Ekman-Larsson, or "Harry Potter" as his teammates call him

Ekman-Larsson, or “Harry Potter” as his teammates call him

While I can’t personally think of a car either of my parents would want less, the gesture is still sort of cool. Oliver Ekman-Larsson bought his parents an orange Lambo (do they even come in other colours?) to say thanks for everything they’ve done for him. “Thanks Oli. Don’t worry about us financially or anything, just make sure we have one really ostentatious super-conspicuous item.” 

I’m being a jerk again, I’m sorry, this is a pretty cool thing. I just did not see this coming from the uber-humble, extremely talented 21 year old d-man.

Here’s what he had to say, in an interview with Julie Robenhymer (by the way, I can’t find the original yet, so this is clumsily translated Swedish):

Before he went to the U.S. last fall he took the opportunity to make his first major purchase in life – an orange Lamborghini for his father Patrick.

“It was his dream car.  I don’t know if it still is, but know that it was at one point.

It was more a kind of gratitude gift for all he has done for me. The gift was for my mom, too. She doesn’t use it very often, but they have done so much for me and still do, so I wanted to give something back. They deserve it.”



That ish cray.

(Stick-tap to Petter Carnbro)


Update: I didn’t realize the family lived in a small town either. This is from correspondence with a Swedish reader:

I don’t think it’s out-of-line with his humble personality, I suspect that since he heard his dad say that he had thoughts of making it happen for him some day as a token of his appreciation.  But boy will that look out-of-place cruising around Karlskrona (a small town of 35k people down here on the southern coast).

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  1. Lamborghini mercy

  2. I’m not entirely sure my man-crush on OEL could get any bigger right now. Was that my outside voice?

  3. Karlskrona isn’t exactly a small town by Swedish standards. Its the 30th largest city in Sweden. Only if you are comparing it to American cities and our vastly larger population. By comparison, the 30th and 31st largets cities by population in America are Oklahoma City and Las Vegas.

    Not exactly Maybarry…

    • Those of us who live here are aware that it’s a small country and don’t consider Karlskrona to be a booming metropolis.

      I’d venture a guess that way more Swedes have visited Vegas than Karlskrona.

      • If that is the case, they are really missing out on something. Karlskrona is probably the most beautiful small town in Sweden, with a city centre that is listed as a world heritage site and surrounded by a gorgeous archipelago.

        It doesn’t fell very small when you are there either, at least during the summer, as it is a very densely populated and compactly built city, which creates the illusion of it being bigger than it really is.

        As for Ekman-Larsson, I think it is a great gesture. Hockey takes a lot more commitment from the parents than most other sports, giving your parents something back as a thank you for all the money and free time they’ve sacrificed to let you follow your dreams is very admirable.
        I know if I had made the NHL I would probably have bought my parents something very nice too, though knowing my dad, it wouldn’t be an orange Lamborghini.

  4. So what you are saying is I should have a son and train him to be a 21 year old star defenseman?

  5. I think my Dad is more the Ford F-350 type…..ALLLLLLLLBERTA!!!!!!

  6. That’s totally sweet, there is a guy driving a black one in a little mill town down the road from us. Saw him dropping his kids of at school, looked like batman..
    All I could say was you roll that and your kids at public school, maybe his older kid is a D man.

  7. It seems very much like the tail end of an old conversation between a kid and his dad driving him to practice.

    “I’ll do this, but I expect a Lambo when you turn Pro.”

    And some years later, “Thanks for the rides Dad, here’s your Lambo.” ;)

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