Apparently the above picture of Marc Staal getting a hockey puck in the eye has fwightened the wittle Staal boys, who have since run to their trainers to to bolt on little plastic shields like Europeans or something. Fittingly, this comes after their Mom said they should.

This is just the latest way The Game Has Changed for the worse, as the trio of 6’4″ monsters (Eric, Jordan and Marc) have set the precedent for other fraidy-cats who want to protect themselves from potential career ending injuries and prolong their careers by putting on something that won’t affect their actual games in the slightest.

Pff. Soft, you guys. I’ve written about this before.



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  1. Worst case scenario: Both guys start wearing them and go into bad luck slumps, and blame the visors.

  2. How many Eric Staals are there?

    /snark, because I can’t help myself

  3. Hosted by, eh? Sweet.

  4. Who knew Marc Staal got hit with an imgur logo? I thought it was a puck.

  5. Was this supposed to be a satirical article? or are you actually being serious? Hard to tell

    • Rrrreally? Struggling with an article in the category “sarcasm” (literally, check the top of the post) that links to an article with the author’s opinion on visors?

  6. More like Staal sisters, amiright?

  7. Just another chicken whit blotter who never playedst ab advanced level

  8. Holy shit. What a still-frame. Fucking ouch man. Right eye replaced by hockey puck, no big deal. At least it doesn’t obstruct your vision like a visor!

  9. Putting on visors like Europeans? So 90 percent of the NHL being white is not European? Hockey and many stick games(like curling) from Scotland not “European”? I am sure if the idiot who wrote this shit took a slap shot from a pro hockey player he(or she) would put a visor on as well.

  10. Let me shoot you in the face with a fucking puck maybe you’ll have to wear a full face cage you fucking pussy

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