St. Louis Blues v Edmonton Oilers

It’s Saturday!

You know what that means (I really hope you know what that means, or else this entire thread is a waste of time. Don’t make my life a waste of time).

It means that it’s time that we get a little too serious about a sport where grown men wearing boots with knives on them chase a piece of rubber around a sheet of frozen water for our amusement.

Tonight, we have an original six match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. And if you want to stay up a little later with me, the late game will feature the Edmonton Oilers taking on the St. Louis Blues.


Three Stars: 1st Star- Chris Stewart, 2nd Star- Alex Steen, 3rd Star- Jaroslav Halak.

Final Score: Blues-3, Oilers-0

Oshie’s goal.

 11:08- T.J. Oshie finished off a slick passing play by the Blues, no chance for Khabibulin. Blues lead 3-0.

Steen’s goal.

2:55- Alex Steen displays some great hand-eye coordination, batting the puck out of mid air and past Khabibulin after it hit the end boards. 2-0 Blues.

0:40- Khabby stoned Stewart again, he could have a hat-trick (he has 8 goals this month).

Chris Stewart’s first period goal.

 David Perron’s dive (he gets at least a 9.5 from the Russian judge…the Russian judge is Nail Yakupov).

After the second period: Blues-1, Oilers-0

Shots: Blues-19, Oilers- 12

A little bit more free wheeling in the last five minutes of the period, with both teams getting decent chances.

14:30- Chris Stewart almost gets his second goal of the game, but is robbed by the toe of Khabibulin. St. Louis’ pressure is rewarded after Horcoff takes a hooking penalty.

Videos from this game have been hard to come by, so here’s a commercial starring Jordan Eberle that I’ve been forced to watch during every break.

David Perron gets his third minor penalty of the game, this time for diving. Such a painfully obvious dive, he essentially threw himself face first into the ice.

7:50- The Bulin wall keeps the puck out of the net on a brilliant chance by Vladimir Tarasenko. Other than that shot and the Hemsky shot, not much offense so far in this period.

4:10- Ales Hemsky dances around Barret Jackman, but gets stopped by Halak (beautiful move).

After the first period: Blues-1, Oilers-0

Shots: Blues- 6, Oilers-4

Full Disclosure: I ducked out for a minute to grab something to eat and missed the first part of the period. While I was gone, St. Louis got on the board first on a goal by Chris Stewart. 1-0 Blues.

St. Louis Blues vs. Edmonton Oilers

No time to waste my friends, let’s jump straight into the next game.

Frazer McLaren’s goal.

Three Stars: 1st Star- James Reimer, 2nd Star- Nazem Kadri, 3rd Star- Dennis Seidenberg.

Final Score: Maple Leafs- 3, Bruins- 1

The Maple Leafs white-knuckled it through the final few minutes of this games as the Bruins threw everything at James Reimer. First Leafs win over the Bruins in two years, so that’s pretty cool, I guess. Also a pretty cool stat, Toronto could only muster 13 shots on Mats Sundin night (that was totally planned, guys).

18:44- Andrew Ference scores to pull the Bruins within one (the puck hit McLaren before beating Reimer, who had no chance). 3-2 Leafs.

Phil Kessel tried to jump over a Chara bullet, but ended up blocking the shot anyway. That can’t feel great.

6:30- Dougie Hamilton beats Reimer but dings iron, and the Bruins get a powerplay as the result of some furious pressure.

2:30- Dennis Seidenberg gets the Bruins on the board. The bears have some life, 3-1 Leafs.

Khudobin gets the hook and is replaced by Tuukka Rask. Tough night for the young goaltender from Kazakhstan.

1:36- Frazer McLaren scores the Leafs 3rd goal on only their 11th shot. (Orr with the assist, its been that kind of night for Boston).

Grabovski’s goal (pulls a drive-thru on Lucic)

According to David Amber, Liles seems like he’s done for the night.

The Coach’s Corner from the first intermission. Don Cherry thinks the Bruins are so good because they have a lot of Canadians (Rask? Chara?). He also thinks the Bruins never dive, apparently he doesn’t pay attention to Brad Marchand or Andrew Ference.

After the second period: Maple Leafs-2, Bruins-0

Shots: Maple Leafs- 9, Bruins- 20

Dan Paille tumbles into John-Michael Liles’ legs and Liles is injured. He has to be helped to the dressing room.

10:26- Kulemin beats Khudobin, but can’t beat the cross-bar.

2:52- Grabovski squeaks by Lucic, and blows the puck past Khudobin (the freshly called-up Ryan Hamilton gets his first point of the season). 2-0 Leafs.

Colton Orr and Shawn Thornton threw fists at faces.

Kadri’s goal (he is playing ridiculously well)

After the first period: Maple Leafs- 1,  Bruins- 0

Shots: Maple Leafs- 4, Bruins- 10

After a quick start, the Leafs started to fade a little bit by the end of the period.

They just did a feature on Milan Lucic, and he looks terrifying. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that he ate nails as part of a balanced breakfast. I really wish he played for the Canadiens.

Late in the first, and there hasn’t been a lot of offense from either team. Decent period so far from the Leafs, although they have to be more careful in their own end.  Two brutal turnovers have lead to a couple of great chances for the Bruins.

9:51- Aaron Johnson gets his stick up into Kadri’s grill, the Leafs get the first powerplay of the night.

15:00- Nazem Kadri scores to get the Leafs on the board first. Beautiful release. On the ensuing faceoff, Colton Orr won a marathon scrap against Shawn Thornton.

15:45- Tyler Bozak gets the first good scoring chance of the night, throwing a backhand into the chest of Khnudobin (man I don’t want to keep having to spell that).

The Barenaked Ladies sing both national anthems, Mats tears up.

Nice ovation for Mats Sundin as he performs the ceremonial puck drop. Although I’m not a Leafs fan, I always thought Mats seemed like a decent human being.

Anton Khnudobin will be staring in net for the Bruins, James Reimer will patrol the crease for the Leafs.

The pregame montage featured a real bear cruising next to a river in the forest. I’ve seen Grizzly Man, I don’t trust those murderous monsters anywhere near me (although I’m not crazily going out of my way to befriend them like Timothy Treadwell).

Seriously though, bears are majestic animals.

 Stick-tap to Fred Murtz, p00njabiHD and Maple Leafs Online for the video content.