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The NHL trade deadline is just under two weeks away, but the rumors are just starting to get going. One of the bigger names expected to be on the move come April 3rd is Flames captain Jarome Iginla, who according to Renaud Lavoie of RDS, has submitted a list of four teams he would accept a trade to.

Teams on the list:



Los Angeles


All four are definitely considered Stanley Cup contenders, but oddly enough, the list doesn’t include any Canadian teams. The Montreal Canadiens just happen to be ranked second in the Eastern Conference, and the Vancouver Canucks, currently in fourth in the West,  were thought to be a possible destination for the Flames captain.

On the year, Iginla, who has a no-movement clause, has recorded eight goals and 13 assists in 29 games. The Flames sit 14th in the West with 26 points.

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  1. So Iginla’s agent leaked this?? Fucks with Calgary’s leverage.

  2. I’m surprised the list doesn’t consist of 29 teams.

  3. Couple things:
    Canadiens not a real Stanley Cup contender. Get real.
    Iginla would never play for the Canucks. He’s fought against them at least 5 times and hates Kesler (but then who doesn’t?)

    • Couple things:

      1. Most likely won’t go to Vancouver, just do to rivalry; hating Kesler aside.

      2. You’d have to be pretty ignorant if you’re going to say the Habs don’t have a chance at the cup this year the way they’re playing. Once the playoffs start, it’s anybody’s game.

      • No chance at the cup.

        I don’t see why everyone assumes he would want to go to a Canadian team just because their contenders. Who’s to say he likes them? I hope he goes to Chicago

  4. Honesty I wouldn’t want Iginla :/ Hes 35. He’s not young anymore.

  5. Attempting a Ray Bourque move I see. What happened to Edmonton? Ya know, the place where he was born and raised and the team he worshipped?

  6. Iggy should come be the backbone for the young guys in Edmonton. Its exactly what we need. Plus he’d be a hometown boy. With Glencross and Smith breaking the Edmonton/ Calgary no trade history it shouldn’t be a big deal!

  7. pele

    I assume you had LA and NJ meeting in last year Cup final ? of did you have to “get real” ?

  8. IGGY suxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. hey iggy just retire ur not gunna win a stanley cup eve rand if any1 offers a top player and a pick then there just as fucked as the gm that gave you the contract wasted money and playing for a bum team

  10. In my opinion the reason his list is so short is because he plans on retiring a Flame. He’ll go to an immediate contender as a rental with no intention to sign there after the playoffs. From what I’ve read Calgary is looking for a few prospects and a pick. This is win/win for them if he does come back next season. Feaster will screw it up somehow though.

  11. Mario D – make sense

    • His contract expires after this year. He can sign anywhere he wants after this year. He could get traded to a team and have a chance at a cup. He could then re-sign with Calgary in the offseason and play out his career in Calgary where his family is situated. The Flames could potentially get something for him now and resign him in the offseason. None of the teams on that list are likely to resign him to a substantial deal after a playoff run, opening the door for him to return to the Flames in the offseason…. does that make sense to you now?

      • Howedy, exactly that.

        Living near Chicago I’m most familiar with their situation and there’s simply no way they can bring Iginla in long-term without later sacrificing a huge chunk of their existing roster. Feaster wants prospects and that’s all well and fine, but Chicago has 3 summers of significant roster players going UFA that they already can’t afford cap-wise. I’d rather see Bowman keep the kids and make a play for Kiprusoff at the very most.

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