San Jose Sharks v Calgary Flames

This was one of the more telling quotes of the day in the wake of Doug Wilson trading Douglas Murray to the Pittsburgh Penguins for two second round picks (the second being a conditional one based on Murray re-signing in Pitt).


“We have tremendous respect for Douglas as a hockey player and a person. He has been a warrior for our hockey club for the past eight seasons and he has been in the Sharks family for the past 14 years. This deal places Douglas in a quality situation which he deserves.”

He was happy to get Douglas Murray somewhere where he’d, y’know, have a chance to win.

Mark Purdy on the Mercury News wrote a post today implying this could be the start of some major changes for the Sharks, who really haven’t been very good lately:

Anyone who has watched San Jose’s favorite hockey team slog through the last two months, trying and failing to assemble itself into something approaching a worthy playoff contender, knows that the current roster is about as ready to win a Stanley Cup as North Korea is ready to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Yeah, what he said.

Purdy goes on to note that San Jose hasn’t won back-to-back games in regulation since January, and that no team – not Columbus, Calgary, Florida or Colorado – have scored less goals than them this season.

The Sharks have to do something, and while moving Murray for picks isn’t going to help them today, it may be the start of more changes before the deadline on April 3rd.


Update: this sounds about right:

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  1. I would pay an infinite sum to get Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau to the Leafs for the stretch run

  2. Odd, it’s almost like there’s something wrong with this Sharks team. I wonder why nobody has been saying that they need to make fundamental changes for oh, the last 5 years or so.

  3. my favorite team… so sad… it’d be nice to see them load up on draft picks and build through the draft, though they haven’t drafted extremely well over the past few years.

    • In some ways, being a fan of SJ would be even harder than being a fan of a bad team. They get your hopes up every year either with a great regular season or a stunning start (Marleau), but the end result is almost always the same. I don’t know why this team can’t seem to get it together – they’ve got a lot of skill….but it would have been easier to make big changes a few years ago…

      • the hardest was when they lost to the oilers during edmontons run to the cup final… that one hurt because edmonton wasn’t a good team and that was probably the best team SJ had overall.

      • 2 conference finals in the last 4 years. It’s good to be a San Jose fan compared to most teams. At least we HAVE a post season.

  4. A LOT of NMC’s on that team. He’s going to have to get a lot of agreement from his “stars” in order to facilitate a rebuild around guys like Couture and Burns.

  5. Ducks fan, always wanted to see the sharks burn but this is almost sad, they were always good at everything buy never were exceptional at anything, they’re a big talented team but never had exceptional grit or physicality and it seems like that caught up to them every year when marleau would stop scoring goals and they wouldn’t be able to win close games in the playoffs, gonna be wierd not seeing them at the top anymore to be honest, and their situation is only gonna get worse with Boyle, arguably their best player every night getting up there In years

  6. Thanks!
    Gavin Paz

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