Washington Capitals v New York Rangers

Hello, and welcome to another Three Stars Times Three Monday. Today we touched on:

* Brenden Morrow to the Penguins

* Guy Boucher to the unemployment line

* Jarome Iginla to the trading block

* Ovechkin to the back of the net

* Columbus to the drawing board

* H to the Izzo, V to the izz-A

* And of course, much more

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Comments (8)

  1. Ultimate comfort goat: Colby Armstrong

  2. I think the Pens missed the comfort goatness of Max Talbot last year.

  3. Jake is so hit and miss on these. Sometimes he says the most ridiculous things. “The Pens are built to win because they’re winning.” Jesus man, think about what you say.

    • What I meant was they’re a team that is clearly the favourite to win the Cup (at this moment) so they’re built for the now and not concerned with building for the future. They don’t need to care about draft picks because they have so many of their core locked up for the future. Granted, that wasn’t the best wording and didn’t make any sense, but that’s what I meant.

  4. Also, does anyone else find that Jake’ll throw an idea out there, the others will disagree, so Jake backtracks and says the complete opposite, trying to say that that’s actually what he meant. Just stick with what you say man. Debate is what makes a podcast interesting.

    Okay, that’s all the griping about Jake for today.

  5. hal gill, comfort goat.

  6. Patrick Lalime was a comfort goat for Ryan Miller (who absolutely needs one) and was the only reason Lalime was kept around for so long, despite his horrific play.

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