St. Louis Blues v Dallas Stars

Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


Guy Boucher got fired as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning crawled out to a 13-17-1 start this season, and have currently lost three straight. You’ve gotta believe the “Okay, I’m doing this” moment happened for Steve Yzerman when Tampa played a limping, broken version of the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night and found themselves down four-spit after the first period.

Here’s what Yzerman had to say:

“Guy has poured his heart and soul into the Lightning organization for these past three years and we appreciate all the work he has done. But ultimately I am not satisfied with the direction we are heading and I believe making a change today is in the best interest of our franchise.”

Etc, etc, etc. Sounds like the front-runners to fill the void are Jon Cooper and Lindy Ruff. I’m not sure why Barry Melrose’s name isn’t on the list, as I’ve heard he’s still available.


Brenden Morrow got dealt to the Penguins

A first look at this trade and you can see how both teams benefit. The Penguins traded their top defensive prospect Joe Morrow, who they took late in the first round last year and a fifth round pick, for the Dallas Stars (now ex) captain Brenden Morrow and a third rounder. Morrow had to waive his no-trade clause for this to happen.

The Pens get a grinder who can retrieve the biscuit for Malkin and Neal who’s likely to be rejuvenated by going from a mediocre team in Dallas to a Stanley Cup front-runner, while the Stars didn’t let an asset walk without turning him into some hope for the future. Brenden Morrow may not be the same player he once was (a 30 goal-scorer a couple years ago), but the Penguins don’t need him to be. They didn’t move a roster player, and added some nice depth up front, depth that just happens to not be a lot of fun to face. Come playoffs, the more of those guys you have the better.

Oh, and also, you all owe me $5 for being nice enough not to make a “two Morrows” joke about this trade. Though if you’d like to read Razor Reaugh’s re-writing of Annie’s “Tomorrow” with trade lyrics, here ya go.

Dammit I think that sentence may have defeated the point.


Jarome Iginla’s next

He’s submitted an awfully short list of teams he’d be willing to get dealt to, and with Pittsburgh being among the four names, it’s basically been narrowed down to three. So guess what fans of the Kings, Blackhawks and Bruins…one of you is likely going to end up with a shiny new Jarome Iginla in your roster.

With the Pens setting their sights on Morow, you get the impression the Flames are asking the moon for him, and unfortunately for Feaster, the list of teams Iggy will go to doesn’t exactly contain any patsy GMs. This one could go to the wire on deadline day.


Penguins streak hits a dozen

And this isn’t like the Blue Jackets point streak, this is a flat-out winning streak. They were down 1-0 with six minutes left to go against the Flyers yesterday when they got a 5-on-3 powerplay. Crosby scores, they go OT, and Kennedy tucked one under the bar to ice the game for the Pens.

Impressive he was able to do that after the check he took from Rinaldo earlier in the game:

“His feet are a little elevated…” Can we please stop trying to make every big hit a criminal offense? Rinaldo rocked a guy cutting through the middle, as hockey players have been warned may happen since birth.


Don’t look now, but Ovy’s suddenly got it going again

Alexander Ovechkin scored twice on Friday and again on Sunday (to go along with a shootout tally), giving him goals in five straight games, and nine points over that same span. The three goals on the weekend brings him to 16 on the year, which ties him for sixth in the league with Patrick Kane in that category. He’s now just a point below a point-per-game, which is impressive given how often we’ve heard that Ovy’s career is over and he’s a complete bust of a player at this point. Hm. Maybe we jumped the guy here, guys.


Kings offense is stuck in the mud

They got blanked 1-0 by Vancouver on Saturday, which means they’ve now gone 126:14 without scoring, an impressive(ly weird) feat when you consider the offensive talent on that roster. The last time they actually scored was on the 19th of this month against the Coyotes.


The Winnipeg Jets scored a nice goal

You could also fire it under “oops” for Steven Stamkos, but great vision and execution from Ladd.


But also had one taken away

Crazy save by Desjardins.


The Blue Jackets house of cards came tumbling down

Still, what a run it was. They walked over the Flames on Friday night 5-1 to extend their point streak to 12 straight games before the Predators beat them 5-2 on Saturday. In a rare moment this season, Sergei Bobrovsky got yanked. He’ll probably live though, given that he currently has a .932 save percentage (second in league) and 2.00 goals-against-average (fifth in the league).


Ilya Kovalchuk is on the shelf

He jammed his shoulder into the end boards in an awkward collision and won’t be back in a Devils jersey for 2-4 weeks, which isn’t the greatest news for a team in seventh while teams like the Hurricanes and Capitals are on the outside of playoffs looking in, and slowly climbing.


More dicey pushes from behind

Colby Robak of the Florida Panthers got a board major on the play below, and found himself ejected from the game. This one is kind of a little crosscheck-push like, 10 feet from the boards. Not so sure I agree with the call, but safety first, I suppose.


The lighter side

Luke Schenn hopped on the ice and suddenly realized that made it too many men for the Flyers, so he jumped over the nearest boards…which just so happened to be in with Pierre McGuire between the benches.

He wasn’t penalized, as the refs figured 20 seconds in a box with Pierre McGuire was punishment enough.


And last but not least… is still honouring NHL ’94, and I’m still enjoying it.