Pic from Philip Pritchard's Twitter, AKA @keeperofthecup

Pic from Philip Pritchard’s Twitter, AKA @keeperofthecup

You may recall that Tim Thomas opted out of visiting the White House when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup because his political views differed from that of President Obama, and it sort of served as a launching point for the Tim Thomas Is A Different Cat campaign we saw over the remainder of the year.

Well, today is the Los Angeles Kings day to visit the White House, so Dustin Penner dropped this on his Twitter feed:

SHOTS FIRED. (And that’s not a statement on US involvement overseas, you guys, calm down.)


Comments (8)

  1. On these trips to the White house will Pancakes be provided?

  2. The Kings’ team account is now influencing the players. Awesome.

  3. I’m so angry Dustin Penner’s name appears on the Stanley Cup. Twice.

  4. Tim Thomas was awesome at stopping pucks but is a god damn fucking idiot.

  5. Fortunately, Penner will have a job with the Kings twitter feed when we don’t offer him a contract extension next season.

  6. if they dont liet guys like lindros in the hall cause he gots no cups.. is penner a shoe in?

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