hockey fall pic

The above picture is from a charity game in Toronto this weekend between the NHL Alumni and a team from the Toronto Transit Commission.

From the Toronto Star:

To partake in the ceremonial puck drop, [Mary-Margaret] McMahon walked out to centre ice on a red carpet, accompanied by officials including TTC CEO Andy Byford, Kevin Morton of the Amalgamated Transit Unionand TTC chair Karen Stintz, who brought along her two kids. As a TTC employee skated over for the faceoff, he hit a rut and lost control, said McMahon. Suddenly, she found herself in a heap on the ice, alongside Stintz and her kids, Byford and another TCC employee.

My worst fears as a player come true.

I apologize for filing this picture under “General Hilarity” given the tears from McMahon’s daughter and all, but I mean…come on. …Right? Everyone’s okay. Therefore, that’s generally hilarious.

(S/t to Puck Daddy)

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  1. /snicker… Bad Bourne!.. Bad laughing…/giggle at others misfortune. /ducks head to hide

  2. No injuries = laugh it up.

  3. There has to be video somewhere right? Someone with a cell phone even?

  4. A TTC employee missing a stop? Perish the thought.

    (I know, the joke’s probably already been made….)

  5. Underrated aspect of this picture: The look on (who appears to be) Rick Vaive’s face.

  6. I just wonder, why does Stinz bring her kids out for the ceremonial face off? What a twat.

  7. Well, in the TTC player’s defence, he had heard Rob Ford would be in the crowd and wanted to send a message.

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