Mr. T hockey

Verbatim, from the Chicago Blackhawks’ Twitter feed last night: “I pity the fool, and I will destroy any intermission contest that tries to take what I got!”

Yes, last night Mr. T was in Chicago to shoot the puck from center during an intermission contest, and people – specifically internet folk – were seriously jazzed about this. And I mean, yeah. Look at that dude. He’s a hero.

Here’s the video in full to emphasize just how awesome he really is:

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  1. Enh, if he would have had his welder and an old bulldozer, he woulda buried 10 in a row…

  2. They really do go out of their way to make the shots as awkward as possible at these events don’t they?

  3. Meh. He shoots like a girl….

  4. Couldnt even put on a pair of pants? I guess Mr. T doesnt follow social conventions.

  5. stupid copyrights. here’s a working link:

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