2012 NHL All-Star Game - Player Media Availability

The Flames are playing the Colorado Avalanche tonight, and according to reports, Jarome Iginla will not be dressing, which makes sense. If you are going to trade a guy – and it seems pretty clear the Flames are – it kinda messes with your plans if he tears a knee or something.

Interestingly enough, one of Boston’s top prospects, Alexander Khokhlachev, is apparently also healthy scratched tonight.

When, and for exactly what, we’ll wait to find out. But from where I sit, seems pretty clear that (some variation of) this will happen at some point. Unless Jay Feaster is sneaky sneaky.



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  1. this is just feaster putting the squeeze on a couple other teams.. hes trying to bluff and say.. look bitches he’s almost gone.. what else can you give me

  2. oh shit… according to nhl.com.. at 9:24 the flames traded iggy to flames for khoklachev, bartkowski, and a first

  3. did i break just this on the score… fuck yeah i did…. woooooooo

  4. i guess i should mention that its 12:24 over there in torontoland… but yes.. you’re welcome ladies and gentleman.. too bad noone ever reads these blogs, or else i’d look like a fucking genius right now ( ignore my awful english )

  5. Flames got fleeced. Pick is conditional to him signing.

    Maybe hes coming back to Calgary next year?

  6. About time. He has been at Calgary for too long and has contributed absolutely nothing.. This is the best move the organization has made in a while.

  7. lol.. well, it appears i’ve been lied to, turns out he went to penguins for even bigger bums

  8. So who were the bruins scratching players for?
    StLoius from Tampa…

    • read my first post bro, its cause they and calgary had a deal, but feaster announced to the world that iggy was scratched, just to see how serious pittsburgh was and see if theyd step up their offer.. and for whatever reason ol’ fatso decided pittsburghs was indeed better

  9. also how fuckin stupid is jay feaster.. dallas gets joe morrow, and a pick for shitty old brendan morrow.. meanwhile feaster gets 2 over age, unsigned prospects that noones even heard of until just now, and not to mention a late first round draft pick ( feaster cant draft to save his life.. stamkos was an easy first overall choice.. so dont go there, but he whiffed on the rest.. hey guys mark jankowski is gonna be the beis soon to be diabetic has a cupst player from 2012.. fail ) for calgarys all time ( and current ) best, what a fat fuck.. the only reason this soon to be diabetic has a cup is because rick dudley built a team for him.. also if you think i’m mad.. i’m a canucks fan, so this is just plain hilarious

    • wtf happened to the middle of this post, all my words got scrambled around.. fuck it

      • but he whiffed on the rest.. hey guys mark jankowski is gonna be the best player from 2012. there we go.. hope you can do the math

  10. At the very least, the title was correct.

    Not really sure what Baba was trying to say.

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