2012 NHL All-Star Game - Canadian Tire NHL Junior Skills Competition

I’m not entirely convinced that the body of this post needs to exist at all after that headline, because that’s basically the entirety of the crazy story here.

The Coles Notes:

Matt Cooke cut Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson’s achilles tendon with his skate earlier this season. Erik Karlsson is done for season. The Ottawa Senators would’ve preferred that not be the case. Matt Cooke is a reformed NHL villain. Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk does not believe he’s reformed, thinks he doesn’t belong in the NHL, and is now working with forensic experts to prove that Cooke meant to step on Karlsson’s tendon to cut it.

From SenatorsExtra.com:

Speaking on Toronto radio station The Fan 590, Melnyk said he believes the National Hockey League will hear his case.

“I’ll bring it to (Brendan) Shanahan and to Gary (Bettman) and at that point they can decide whether it’s something they want to put out publicly or not, if I’m right. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.”

Here’s his overall opinion of what happened:

“You watch. It may be public. It may not public, but it’s between me and the league. I think it was intentional. But you have to be able to prove it. And from all the television angles that we saw you can’t see it, it was so fast. But the force that that skate had to go through a sock, a sub-sock, then your skin, muscle, sheath, and then to get to your tendon? Man. Either this guy’s really good or very lucky at being able to do that.”

(Full interview here)

This is the type of borderline-batpoop homerism (like proving intent there is possible? Come on now) that will endear him to fans, and I can’t be mad at him for pandering to them. But if he’s serious, and truly believes this is a thing Cooke intended to do and needs to be brought to justice…to hell with it, I’m just gonna say it: he never played the game, because doing that would involve Crosby-esque skill and Dexter-esque viciousness. That, or he’s just generally oblivious, which is actually far more likely.

I’ve got no problem with involved owners, but this seems a bit wackadoo.