If we’re being honest, the Phoenix Coyotes probably aren’t long for Phoenix, which bums me out as someone who recently relocated from there myself. It’s a great spot.

But, they’ve been in limbo long enough, the city of Glendale is sick of dealing with them, and things simply need to get cleaned up one way or the other. We don’t know all the details – hell, we don’t know many details right now – all we know is that tonight, Darren Dreger took to Twitter:

With all due respect to Dreger, part of the reason he breaks news is because it’s given to him in exchange for, oh, maybe occasionally leaking things to the public the league would like leaked. This feels like one of those things. Get us used to the idea, and whatnot.

More on this as news comes out.



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  1. Okay, so let’s say it’s Quebec… does that mean Quebec gets to be like Winnipeg, spending a couple years playing in the west? Or do they quickly scrap the realignment and just switch Phoenix/Quebec to the Southeast and put Winnipeg in the Pacific? Or maybe add another layer to the swap, moving Colorado to the Pacific and Winnipeg to the Northwest?

    Love the idea, getting hockey out of the desert and maybe another Canadian team… but I wonder what it means.

    • It could also be both Florida teams going to conference B (Chicago, Detroit…), then Colorado in conference A (Calgary, Anaheim…), and PHX in conference C!

    • I say put Quebec in the East and then, for the playoff system, each division winner (1-4) and then just have the last 12 playoff spots go to the team (any team) with the best records. So they don’t need to realign the numbers of teams in each conference, just redefine the playoff system to focus on records regardless of conference.

  2. So Quebec is very much in the east. They’d have to go in the east and either Detroit or Columbus will have to go back west. What are the odds C-Bus gets screwed again? Even?

    • If they do the 4 divisions/conferences thing, should move both Detroit and Columbus back west, so things would stay 15 east, 15 west.

      • Detroit and Columbus do not want to play in the western timezones anymore. Detroit fans, and ownership have earned that choice, and Columbus needs fans.

  3. The the divisions are being realigned next season, and the “WEST” has two open spots in each division. Move Phoenix to Seattle.

    Then expand and give Quebec and Kansas City teams. That will fill all the gaps.

    I personally do not like the idea of a team in Vegas… nope nope nope…

    • Are you implying that Quebec become a permanent Western Conference team?

      ‘Cause with that plan you proposed, that’s the only outcome… and with the grief Winnepeg, Detroit, & Columbus have been dealing with, I don’t see it.

    • Seattle wants the NBA, Quebec City wants NHL!

      • Seattle wants both the NBA *and* the NHL.

        We have an ownership group for the NBA team already and one for the NHL should come along as soon as the arena deal is finalized.

        • you just don’t have a building! You are at same point than Quebec city was 3 years ago…Be patient…

  4. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah…Same old bullshit lies, different day.

    You DO know Maloney, Tippett, Burke and King have refused to renew their contracts with Herr Bettman and Company because of the continued absence of a stable ownership situation? – I believe they all expire on July 1. Why is no one talking about that?

    They have to be the sleeper-picks of this season’s UFA class – An entire management team, ready, willing and waiting to sign with a viable franchise? Keywords: “Stable ownership”.

    The rest of all the useless chatter about the ‘Yotes and Glendale is more of the same smoke-and-mirrors by the NHL – A stall tactic: “Trust us, we have the Coyotes’ and their fans’ best interests at heart. We are working towards a resolution. The team will remain in Glendale…yaddayaddayadda”. A bunch of crap.

    I’m surprised anyone’s even listening to this hollow nonsense anymore.

  5. oh shit… according to at 9:24 the flames traded iggy to flames for khoklachev, bartkowski, and a first

  6. Hilarious. Internet speculation again. Relocation rumors surface like clockwork as the playoffs approach….just like last year. Just like the year before. Just like the year before. Just like the year before.

    They Coyotes are not going anywhere.

  7. As much as a team in Quebec City sounds interesting, I think this relocation plan is on the back burner until the NBA decides what they are doing with Sacramento. If Seattle gets the Kings then they will probably get the Yotes as well.

  8. Just for context, tonight TSN also reported tonight that Jarome Iginla was going to Boston.

    • also, just for context, thats what happens when i’m one of aaron wards sources, i got that bitch back for a prank he played on me a few years ago

      • I just signed up so that I could congratulate you. Congrats! You’re a fucking idiot. Why would you use commas (incorrectly I may add) when you don’t even use proper grammar to begin with?

        This is your life Babalubabalee, and it’s ending one minute at a time. I sincerely hope you’re 12. If not, you’re doing a bad job trolling.

  9. Keep the Coyotes in the West by moving them to Seattle….the question is where do they play while the arena is being built ? I don’t think KeyArena is a viable option.

    • Not a great option, but I’ve heard the Tacoma dome mentioned. It would be kind of like the Sharks playing at the Cow Palace until their barn was built.

    • Key Arena is possible – ironically enough, it’d be a lot like the original Phoenix arena. Which, it’s good to remember, was pretty commonly sold out before the Coyotes made the mindfuckingly stupid decision to move out to the middle of nowehere, surrounded by lower-income neighbourhoods and a giant football stadium that no one likes driving to.

  10. Send ‘em to Quebec – it’ll finally shut us damn Canadians up about losing the Nordiques/Jets in the first place!

    Rabblerabble our game harrumph!

  11. Nice to see Canada get another NHL team if this actually materializes. Seattle and Kansas City in the mix too… hmmm.. Will Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Hartford be considered?

  12. Quebec City would be awesome but still dreaming of the Balsillie move, Hamilton ftw!

    • Hamilton was contingent on the Ontario government providing a ton of money to rennovate Copps. That’s NEVER going to happen now. It was a dumb enough idea when it was first floated.

      • I agree that’s never going to happen now, but I would disagree that the original idea was unwarranted. Leaving the speculation of Mcguinty and Balsillie providing the renovation costs aside, the future financial prospects of having an NHL team in Hamilton or close by is undoubtedly a great attraction for funding. While originally coming from Hamilton myself, I always try and catch a Bulldogs game because going to a Leafs game is just too expensive and the quality of the never warrants the price while travelling all the way to Buffalo is a bit of a hassle.

  13. With the relocation its should be in the west. And with Seattle getting a new arena, they should get a team. Seattle one of the best cities in the west.

  14. Hopefully Quebec won’t get a team. Hers hoping that literally any other place in North America gets a team before these guys.

  15. It will most likely go to kansas city or seattle.

  16. I’d like to see them in either seattle, kansas city or quebec city. I’d also like to see expansion to two of those cities after a relocation.

  17. Quebec City is by far the best option for this year. Move the Jets to the West and move the Coyotes to Quebec… The Jets deserve to play in the West. We already have Quebecor who is ready to buy the team and they have alot of money to do so, not like any other speculator trying to raise money and build ghost groups of investor.

    We have the Old “Colisé de Québec” for the next two year and our new Arena is already under construction. We are ready and people from Quebec are part of the biggest NHL Fans in the entire world !!

    Seatlle deserve a team but the city is not ready yet. Seattle will probably be part of the Expension with Toronto (2nd team).

    My 2 cent

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  19. First of all the Coyotes need to be moved to a location that can support them. Arizona is not a viable hockey market and Bettemans experiment to try to jam hockey down peoples throats in the south was an abysmal failure. Jim Basille had the best offer on the table but Betteman refused as he still insisted he could make it work. The league needs to stop supporting teams in locations that don’t have the fan base. With out the fans the team can not survive. Quebec City is the best location for the team. Ink the deal to move them and then talk about realignment. Until the deal is inked there is no sense in speculating.

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