Florida Panthers v Toronto Maple Leafs

With the NHL season heading down the homestretch, fans of bad (and mediocre) teams that aren’t in terrible shape (like myself and the Islanders) are starting to wonder just how likely it is that they squeeze into playoffs. Well, The Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle did the work for us today, because he is excellent and worthy of much praise.

From Mirtle himself:

In the East, it currently looks like the cut-off will be about 52 points, which is very low if you project it out over a full 82-game season (about 89 points).

In the West, it’s slightly higher at about 53 points, which is closer to about 91 over a full season.

Okay. So using those projections, how well does your team need to fare down the stretch?

Penguins and Blackhawks fans are laughing. Panthers fans are crying…yet not entirely hopeless. See for yourself. 

First, the East:


And second, the West:


There it is in black and white, folks. Time to run to your schedules and predict just how painful your team’s collapse will be (assuming you’re all negative fans like myself).

(S/t to Pro Hockey Talk)