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Holy traded captains, Batman! Today we talked about:


* Phoenix could possibly maybe sort of be relocated

* Eugene Melnyk still thinks Matt Cooke cut Karlsson on purpose

* The Habs comeback on Boston

* The Sharks keep beating Anaheim

* Wild streak continues

* And much more

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  1. Thanks for posting. My brain was about to explode.

  2. Did anyone else laugh at Feaster explaining to the reporter that this is a “re-tool” not a “re-build”? “I know you guys really like that word.” (-Feaster to the media) I’m trying to figure out why he so dislikes that word. It’s exactly what it is. You traded Iginla. What’s difference?

  3. Quebec doesn’t “deserve” anything – Seattle would be AMAZING for the Vancouver road trips if nothing else. Whereas Quebec is probably building a $400 million arena with $200 million going to be mob. That kind of thing shouldn’t be supported.

  4. Good catch of Suuby-Doo (Sooby-do?)… I had quite the case of second-hand embarrassment listening to that one as well.

  5. I’ll take a drum stick please. Good show guys.

  6. Goal-den Ticket covered 3 Games for $100 before they gave up the 5 Goals so not bad at all. Dal, LA and Vancouver is what they got to see. People who bought the $250 package for 25 Goals have 8 against with 6 games to go so it looks like they might make it.

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