"Who's this effin' Feaster guy?"

“Who’s this effin’ Feaster clown?”

In the wake of the Iginla-to-Pittsburgh trade fiasco, Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli held a press conference to…to say…well, to say that he’s pretty pissed about how this all went down.


Ohhh boy, the Bruins are not going to be happy with Jarome Iginla. He done shunned ‘em.

It kind of sounds like Chiarelli’s goal here is to deflect the blame from himself for not getting Iginla, and to place it where it better belongs. It sounds like landing the Flames (ex)captain was never much of a possibility for him, and that Iggy may have just been helping the Flames drive the price up on Pittsburgh. (More on the situation from Joe Haggerty here.)






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  1. Time for a couple of famous sports clichés:
    It ain’t over till it’s over.
    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.
    Get it in writing…

  2. Another cliche — “Shut up and Play”

  3. The Bruins are sore losers to begin with, and this time they probably have reason to be pissed. But I can’t blame Iginla for choosing not to play for them, he has too much class for the Bruins.

    • Yes, instead he’ll be a teammate of that paragon of virtue Matt Cooke and cash checks from Mario Lemieux aka Massive Hypocrite.

    • REALLY??????? Too much class……saying that you were willing to go to the Bruins to drive up what Pittsburgh would give????? Ya real classy!

    • Haha yes too much class for Matt Cooke and diving Crosby. I love Jarome but it had nothing to do with class. He just thinks the Penguins have a better shot at the Cup. He simply wants a Cup.

  4. I may be the only one saying this, but in a playoff series, I’d pick Boston over Pittsburgh. Defense wins playoffs.

    • people like you are making hockey boring

      • Only if you only care about scoring and odd-man rushes. Some of the best games I’ve seen have been defensive battles.

    • The Pens have allowed 9 goals in the last 9 games.

      I’d say that’s pretty good defense.

      • Yeah, lately their D has been good. Expect some regression to the mean.

      • Playoffs is a different game. Defense wins in playoffs lately as boring as that might be. I don’t think the Bruins or Pens win this year. The Ducks are steamrolling to another Cup. Jarome should have gone to Cali.

    • Yes, better defence that would be quickly overwhelmed by 3 lines that keep the puck in their zone 2/3 of the time.

  5. I just watched the press conference and I’m confused by your last paragraph. Why was it never really a possibility, when Iginla had short-listed the Bruins, and Boston made the best offer? If Iginla had said “only Pitt,” that would have been a different story, but reportedly he didn’t do so until after the deal was accepted.

    Also, Chiarelli obviously wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t complaining either. He was quite matter-of-fact about it.

  6. On paper it seems odd that Iginla wouldn’t want to play for the Bruins. Original six, established hockey market, cup contender. Makes you wonder what the players know and we don’t about the Bruins organization?

    • did you start watching after the lockout…..?

      • No. I’ve been watching hockey since the ’60′s. I just asked a question. Did you have an answer or is the answer so obvious that you can’t bring yourself to articulate it?

        • Yes, it’s obvious.

          Jeremy Jacobs.

          • Thanks for a polite answer. I hadn’t considered ownership until further down the thread.

          • Yeah I am sure it had nothing with playing on a stacked team, with the ‘best player in the world’, whom he is old friends with from the Olympics. And that Pitt is the heavy favorite to win the Cup. Nothing at all

    • Right, there must be a reason why guys like Patrice Bergeron are counting the days to free agen… oh wait, nevermind.

    • If the choice is Pittsburgh or Boston it makes perfect sense. One is tearing the conference apart, the other has struggled recently. One has the two best centers in the world, the other (while very good) can’t offer the same caliber of linemates. Pittsburgh was already looking like the better team, Boston would have leveled the field (or taken the lead) by adding Iginla, but by making this choice Iginla goes to a team that’s the clear favorite out east.

  7. Sore losers, there were 29 other teams that didn’t win the cup in 2010. Maybe you should go to the back of the class because you don’t know shit. The Penguins got were they are finishing last for a few years and winning the lottery for Crosby and Malkin.Ulf Samelson ended Cam Neely’s career with a cheap shot to the knee, Matt Cooke end ed Mark Savard’s career with a blind side elbow and it remains to be seen the effect on Karleson for Ottawawith another classless act from Matt Cooke. So before you start shooting your mouth of get your facts straight as to who is classy..

    • pretty sure boston was a sore loser in 2010 as well, seeing how chicago won the cup that year.. also see brad marchand whinin about diving last night, pot meet tea kettle

    • BalaluBabalee thanks so much for the year correction. . The point is if Iggy didn”t want to go to Boston why were they on his list. If Pittsburg was were he wanted to go at least be honest. If you want to talk ownership before the Penguins landed Crosby in the lottery, the franchise had talked about moving and had money issues.

    • So, all the other concussions Savard had, before and after Cooke’s hit had nothing to do with him retiring?

    • Cam Neely played for 5 years after he was hit by Samuelsson. You have no idea about the intent of Matt Cooke on Karlsson, so I suggest you go watch clips of EVERY pin against the boards in hockey, ever, before you decide that Cooke was doing something malicious. I’ll give you Cooke on Savard, but if we’re digging through the history books, Mike Milbury beat a man with his own shoe.

      Or, how about this, which is much more recent, and extremely relevant: Bruins fans making racist comments towards Joel Ward after his OT goal? Maybe someone was kind enough to remind Iggy of that.

      • LMAO you really think Iginla decided to go to Pitt instead of Boston because a couple fans made some stupid tweets? You’re not too bright, huh?

        • Hahaha, calm down, dude. Next time I’ll just call her an idiot to get my point across. Apparently my current method doesn’t work on the internet.

  8. How involved was Iginla in the NHLPA negotiating during the lockout? Maybe, when it came down to it, he decided that he would rather play for a player-friendly owner like Lemieux than Jeremy Jacobs. It may be utterly irrelevant, but that’s one big reason a Western Conference player may dislike the Bruins.

    • Thanks. That’s an interesting point. We forget these guys are human. Maybe Iggy just doesn’t like Jacobs, which I could understand.

    • Then why would he shortlist Boston as a trade destination. It’s a cute theory, it’s just really stupid.

  9. He never fully recovered from the Cooke hit, his play was never the same. It made Savard extremely vulnerable for the next hit. Like all concussions the subsequent contacts are alot more serious.

  10. Samuelsson was a dirty player back in the 90 and Cooke was a dirty player who mostly clean his act, I’m still on the bubble with the Karlsson injury.

    But the Pens don’t have a bunch of goons who beat smaller players and refuse to fight in their weightclass. At least Thornton fought Scott, but you never see Lucic, Horton,and others take on bigger players. Krejci was even backpedaling from Markov last night, Markov who can’t beat an egg, pathetic. And Marchand the worst diver ever to play the game. And Julien the crybaby, complaining to the league when his team loses a lead in the 3rd, at home, to a bunch of smurfs. I wonder why Iginla chose Pittsburgh.

    • “but you never see Lucic, Horton,and others take on bigger players.”

      Hey that’s BS, I saw Lucic take on Colton Orr. Hmm, but It didn’t end well for Lucic. He did the playground equivalent of running away and hiding under the slide.

      • Except the Orr is listed at6-3, 222, and Lucic at 6-4 220. He would never fight a bigger guy than him, he ran away from Laraque. When the game is on the line, I can’t blame him, he’s a better player than these guys. But when the game is settled, sometimes you have to do it, unless you’re too busy fighting the guys 20lbs lighter than you.

        • He “ran away” from Laraque because Laraque is a traffic cone and getting both of them off the ice for 5 minutes is a bad deal for the Bruins. Get over it.

  11. Bruins now angry with media for ‘embellishing’ Iginla trade.

  12. Who are the smurfs? The Habs are always ready to play, most games with them are decided by 1 goal. so having a fight for the sake of a fight generally, gets you the instigator an extra 2 minutes for starting the fight. As far as Lucic fighting Colton Orr, what would be the point, Colton Orr is only good for fighting and his team wouldn’t miss him if he got tossed for fighting he is hardly a top six forward on his team.

    • The point is Lucic can dish it out but can’t take it. You see, the B’s are not the same scary team that won the Cup. No Tim Thomas, Horton and Thornton afraid to drop the gloves, Marchand’s not even a good pest anymore.

      If Pittsburgh gets into trouble in the East, it’ll probably be with a Canadian team.

      • Agree for Lucic. But I’m still afraid of those Bruins, I still don’t see Rask as good as Thomas, but don’t count them out. If Chara stay focused ( a big if I admit ), Bergeron is so good, Marchand is a better hockey player than I tought he would be – even if it hurts to admit it – they still have a good team.Classless, but good. And when the clutching, grabbing and pushing tolerated in the playoffs, it helps them.

        • No doubt, the “Playoff Rules” benefit the B’s most of all.

          The Bruins are obviously a great hockey team and I’m still worried about them too, but they don’t have the same edge. Of course, as long as they keep killing penalties (currently #1 in the league) they’ll feel free to do whatever they can to intimidate. See 2011 SCF’s where the Canucks could not capitalize while a man up.

          A huge key to beating the B’s will be to get the PP going.

    • Orr is a third line forward for the leafs, he is why Kadri is scoring (read in a sarcastic voice)

  13. i hope by Canadian teams you mean Montreal and Ottawa, THE LEAFS still have time to self destruct. For those who don’t like Marchand he has 13 goals and you wish he was on your team. Just like when Claude Lemeiux played for Montreal, Ken Lindseman for Philadelphia. As for Grant’s comments when was the last time Thornton refused to drop the gloves. I’ll take Marchands goals and assists any day. Dropping the gloves never won a cup yet, even a leaf fan should understand this. But then again its been awhile since they have been in the playoffs, not the golf course in April.

    • Yeah, did not mean the Leafs, though they played the Pens really tight for most of the last game. Anyone would want Marchand on their team for sure.

      I was watching the Bruins-Sens game last week, they showed Matt Kassian skating with Thornton and telling him how he was going to behave and Thornton looked like a kid who was scolded. Not long after, Thornton took a high sticking penalty. It showed Thornton miming from the box to Kassian that he had gotten hit in the head by the kid’s stick first and didn’t have a choice but to hit him back. My takeaway was that Thornton will not drop the gloves unless he absolutely has to, and I don’t blame him.

    • I should mention, this is all since the John Scott fight where Thornton got a concussion. Before that fight, obviously, he’d throw down with anyone, anytime.

  14. Concussions are more serious than people think. A kid on my sons team got 3 concussions within a 9 month period only 1 hockey related, it ended his hockey playing days at age 14. The difference between Scott and Thornton is, Scott plays 4 minutes or, less a game, Thornton plays a regular and contributes offensively.

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