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Okay, let’s dive in.

Yup, that’s a thing that happened.





You can watch the Feaster presser here:




Much more analysis as, y’know, I rub my eyes and actually form an opinion on what the heck happened here. To hold your over, here’s the full story via NHL.com.

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  1. I absolutely love that the only comment on the Ben Hanowski numerology flames link so far is a guy saying, “boo-urns”

  2. “Our pro scouts feel very strongly about these players … they fit our criteria for hockey sense & they have good skill level.” – Feaster

    So they’re guaranteed busts, huh?

    • Pretty much the kiss of death.

      They love the American NCAA players for some reason, just signed another one this morning I believe.

  3. Ahh yes, because that is what the Penguins have been missing… Talented forwards. Good thing their goal-tending is still shit.

  4. I am sooooo happy that Jarome is finally on a winning team! I sincerely hope that the Pens (and Jarome) win the Cup. very happy that he is not a member of the bruins (and I am m a Leaf fan).
    there is no-one more desefving of a Cup than Jarome.

  5. And after hyping it all of last night, TSN is whitewashing their “scoop” that he was traded to Boston

  6. According to Bob McKenzie, Iginla wanted to be a Penguin, not a Bruin.

    Classy guy going to a classy organization – Owner to GM to Coach to Captain.

    So where’s the line-up of players asking to join the Caps?

  7. Fell asleep hearing it was a done deal to Boston (even read it on nhl.com) but didn’t really see the fit as far as Boston giving him his best chance at a cup. Pittsburgh wasn’t even supposed to be in consideration after the Murray and Morrow trades, but the Pens do make a lot more sense from Iginla’s perspective of wanting to win that cup. Still, I’m not sure its the right fit for someone who doesn’t want to be a rental player given their stacked lineup. Will they still have cap room the next couple/few years? As far as the Flame’s return the Boston deal seems like it might have been better. I guess they were worried about getting a conditional pick instead of the guaranteed one from Pittsburgh but once again isn’t he supposedly going to re-sign with his new team anyway? Unless that was not the condition of the pick… (?)

    • Capgeek says they still have 4 million to work with. Hm. Not so bad after all I guess. Hope nobody wants a raise.

      • They’re fine through next season, but I reaaally want to see if Malkin takes a discount after that. If Getzlaf is worth $8.25 million for max term, what in the world is Malkin worth as a UFA?

    • Aside from #87 and #71 at $8.7M each they’ve also got some other great deals.

      Letang @ $3.5M
      Sutter @ 2.1M
      Cooke @1.8M
      Kunitz @ 3.7M
      Neal @ $5M
      Depres, Engelland, Adams @ < $1M

      It's almost as if some of their players are signing at the low end for the privilege of playing there? Interesting, I think.

      Contrast that with Calgary

      Babchuk @ 2.5M
      Stajan @ 3.5M
      Cammaleri @ $6M
      Cervenka @ $3.8M
      Hudler @$4M

      And yeah…pretty big difference.

      • Next part of the rebuild: Flames should trade one of those bloated contracts to the Isles for Niedereitter. Put him on a line with Baertschi. He’s been tearing it up in the AHL. Feaster really doesn’t like the word “rebuild” apparently but I think they call it that cause it’s the most apt word you could possibly use. How did he put it again, “re-tool”? Oh yeah, that’s toooooootally different.

        • As a Flames fan, I’d be over the moon with a Neiderreiter deal, potentially a win-win. Those two would do well with Hartley’s style (forgiving Sven for his poor start this year).

          Yup Feaster is a better politician than GM, no doubt…Flames fans don’t have a whole lot of faith in him anymore.

          • I’m a Hawks fan but I’ve got a soft spot for the Flames mostly cause of Baertschi. He really impressed me last year, I’m sure at some point he will be back to that level. As a Flames fan how do you feel about the two prospects you ended up with as opposed to Khokhlachev?

          • Yeah, everyone is still pretty high on Baertschi for good reason, me included. I think it was probably a bad atmosphere for a young guy there this year what with all the uncertainty, and general negativity.

            I prefer the NCAA prospects, but that’s just my preference. Khoklachev seems like Kuznetsov-lite, and I’d rather cheer on the Minnesota Mister Hockey nominee (Hanowski)!

  8. Biggest Pens fans contract issue is Tyler Kennedy @ $2M per year hit.

    Hey, at least he’s actually playing unlike a few Flames signed for more :)

  9. Dont really know how I feel about this one , on one hand Jarome deserves a cup and he wasnt going to get that in CGY anytime soon. But for what the Flames got in return I am not really sure if these two kids will ever even play in the NHL. But then you have to think that since in Pittsburgh Jarome is purely a rental that this is really the best deal that the Flames could have gotten because it comes with a #1 pick that has no conditions unlike the Bruins #1 pick. Anyways I think there are a lot more moves coming for the Flames now, watching the game last night and the whole team was dejected even though they won. I dont know if the veterans on the team have it in them to play knowing that there is a rebuild about to take place.

  10. Skilled team is the goal…..soft hands are key for puck control….enough said….new leadership was needed.

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