Stanley Cup Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Seven

When the season opened back on January 19th, the top three teams in Vegas to win the Stanley Cup were the Penguins, Rangers and Canucks. Today, after the Iginla trade last night, the Pens continue to be the heavy favorites, while the Blackhawks are next, even with that incredible streak to begin the year, followed by Bruins.

Team Opening Odds Current Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 8/1 4/1
Chicago Blackhawks 14/1 5/1
Boston Bruins 16/1 17/2
Anaheim Ducks 40/1 11/1
Minnesota Wild 18/1 11/1
Montreal Canadiens 30/1 11/1
Vancouver Canucks 9/1 14/1
Los Angeles Kings 12/1 16/1
St. Louis Blues 16/1 18/1
New York Rangers 17/2 25/1
Ottawa Senators 40/1 28/1
Detroit Red Wings 16/1 28/1
San Jose Sharks 20/1 28/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 30/1 35/1
New Jersey Devils 30/1 35/1
Winnipeg Jets 50/1 35/1
Carolina Hurricanes 22/1 40/1
Nashville Predators 28/1 40/1
Washington Capitals 22/1 50/1
Dallas Stars 40/1 66/1
Edmonton Oilers 25/1 66/1
Philadelphia Flyers 12/1 66/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 28/1 75/1
Phoenix Coyotes 40/1 75/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1 75/1
Buffalo Sabres 25/1 75/1
New York Islanders 66/1 75/1
Calgary Flames 50/1 125/1
Colorado Avalanche 40/1 500/1
Florida Panthers 40/1 1000/1

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  1. the Maple Leafs had 30/1 odds to start the season coming off a lottery season, and now that they’re sitting relatively comfortably in a playoff spot…35/1?

  2. I don’t understand how Montreal started at 30/1 odds! I’m a habs fans and after that dismal display last year they should not be at 30/1 to start the year. Even after drafting Galchenyuk and picking up the players they did. Ottawa made the postseason, didn’t lose any major pieces in the off season and had odds worse than MTL and TOR. Weird.

    • Read some of Bill Barnwell’s pieces on NFL gambling and then apply it to the NHL. Odds are not reflective of chances to win, but rather of Vegas’ desire to promote maximum wagering and then spread it around to as many teams as possible.

      The Leafs had odds like that because they can draw action at that price.

      I’d go in for both the Kings and the Canucks at those prices. You’d probably lose one of the teams to the inevitable 4/5 matchup in the West, but the winner would be my favourite to win the conference.

  3. Well the opening odds werent based on what happend last year, but more like what is going to happen next year. I admit the numbers arent consistent but they must know something or use an extra factor that we dont.

  4. Incredible, 2 months ago the Flyers had better odds than the Hawks…

  5. Surprised to not see the big teams aren’t shorter in odds…….I never bet on sport much in North America. Not as I believe the Leafs will win the Cup (they won’t) but surely bookmakers respond to the amount of money placed on a team (obviously the Leafs have many more fans than the Sens let’s say – hence a bigger risk on the off-chance they actually win thus bankrupting bookmakers) as well as the likelihood of a team actually being good enough to win the Cup….

    Generally in the UK/Europe, a home team or well-supported team will always be shorter than a mid-ranking one. Hence England are 2nd/3rd favourites to win a World Cup/European Championship despite the fact England have not a hope in hell of winning the WC and have nowhere near the 2nd or 3rd best team (SIGH)….or Liverpool to put it on a EPL basis. . .

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