New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins

Breaking news out of Pittsburgh today, as the team announced that captain Sidney Crosby will be out indefinitely with a broken jaw. Crosby was hit in the face by a puck in the first period of the game Saturday against the New York Islanders.

Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review adds that Crosby should be ready for the playoffs.

On the season, Crosby, the league leader in points,  had recorded 15 goals and 41 assists in 36 games.

The Penguins are currently on a 15-game winning streak and sit a top the Eastern Conference standings with 56 points.

For more on broken jaws, check out this post from Jo Innis explaining the treatment and recovery.

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  1. Am I crazy, or have other guys come back and played with broken jaws? Put jaw bar on and play through it!

  2. You are crazy…and f’n stupid. Never happened. Most do not lose as many teeth and require surgery either…ass.

  3. I broke my jaw and had it wired shut for 5 weeks.

    First night after the sugery I hit the morphine drip and threw up. It doesn’t come out your mouth.

    Lost about 25-30 lbs.

    Lost 50% of feeling in my lower lip, first time eating I nearly put a fork through it.

    The stench was awful. Like make you throw up awful. Listerine just isn’t enough.

    It was a very traumatic experience. It scares me even thinking about it.

  4. Sidney Crosby is terrible, so this is no serious setback for the Penguins.. He probably wasen’t going to get much playing time anyway, now that Iginla, who is so much better than Cries’by, is gunning for the penguins.

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