Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Hey, it’s Three Stars Monday. And on Easter. Just as Jesus intended.

Today, our version of an April Fools’ joke is the fact that Bourne is out spending time with his family or something so you’re all stuck with just John Noon and myself. As well as some key contributions for producer extraordinaire Ryan Eligh.

UPDATE: We falsely said that Taylor Hall’s hat trick was an NHL record. It’s not, just an Oilers record. He still beat Gretzky, though. Which is just as good.

We discussed:

* Sidney Crosby potentially not being so handsome anymore.

* Breaking your jaw sucks.

* The Blue Jackets’ surprising playoff run and Sergei Bobrovsky’s Hart Trophy candidacy (again, not joking).

* Lubomir Visnovski’s hilarious contract extension.

* Taylor Hall besting Wayne Gretzky (still not joking).

* Not too much Leafs talk (Kadri the best, Orr/McLaren the worst).

* Every goalie will be traded somewhere by Wednesday.

* And much, much more (this was a long one).

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Leafs fight they win, take a look at the Rangers, fought about every game last year and won. Now, they lose a ton because they have no grit and never fight.

    • Chicago and Pittsburgh are both tied for the 9th fewest fighting majors in the league.
      What place are they in again?

      There’s no correlation between fighting and points percentage, stop clinging to it.

    • The Leafs have won because more often than not they have scored more goals than they have allowed. The inverse is true for the NY Rangers, hence why they lose.

  2. without justin this podcast ended with a ten minute discussion on mclaren and orr, i know we live in the toronto area and are subjected to the constant see-saw that is the leafs but the rest of the hockey world doesnt and therefore your podcast shouldnt either. yes orr and mclaren suck, we get it, if you listen to this podcast or even happen to clicked on backhand shelf by accident you know they suck, so why do we need to hear you complain about it every day. please just corsi punch my face in if you do this again.

  3. Columbus has actually kept Chicago to one goal every game they’ve played this season (but lost every one), so should they get lucky…

    (so unlikely, but it would be beautiful)

    (also I’d like to note that Columbus rolled with a first line made up of Calvert-Anisimov-Atkinson with an avg height of… maybe 5’11″ if that? vs Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan)

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