Calgary Flames v Detroit Red Wings

OMG it’s almost trade deadline time! Today we broke down some moves that have already happened and much more, including…

* Jay Bouwmeester to the Blues

* Robyn Regehr to the Kings

* Will Mikka Kiprusoff report if traded?

* Where will Luongo end up?

* The Sharks keep winning, trading

* Isles in the playoff hunt, need to trade good players

* And much more

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Comments (3)

  1. No discussion on Crosby’s jaw from Bourne?

    If there’s one guy I’d want info from it’d be him…

  2. Bolland’s on the 2nd line, not the 3rd. He’s good on the 3rd, but he’s been a failure on the 2nd and with Sharp out it’s forced Kane to carry that line.

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