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Full credit where credit is due: as far as I’m aware, Puck Daddy is the first place to run with the trade deadline drinking game. They did it last year, they’re doing it again this year, and since then, I believe other places have adopted it or at least intend to. It’s a cool concept, and we wanted in on the action.

But, we knew we had to find a twist to make it our own. Some way to really go “all-in” on this thing. Some way to ruin the livers of willing co-workers.

We’re going through with it.

Now of course, we had to create our own rules for this. The general concept is as follows: we will chuck them in one of our meeting rooms with a pretty little mounted TV. We will clearly write the rules up on the nearby whiteboard wall. We will film them obeying the following rules, on their way from good morning to, ahem, good night.

We’ve made some adjustments and tweaks – for example, any and all mentions of mock Olympic rosters will require a drink, natch – and may make a few more by tomorrow, but for the most part, what you see is what you get.

The most important part: you can participate via Operation ReTweet. It’s how you can help our two victims news editors Archi Zuber and Kyle Smith do something embarrassing like tell off a boss, or even better, Jake Goldsbie. Who knows what to expect? (We literally do not.) Basically, we have a large glass marked with retweet levels – 50, 100, 150 and so on. When a trade is made, we will share it through theScore’s official Twitter account, which is threatening 120,000 followers. Depending on the amount of retweets those trade tweets get, we will fill the retweet glass to the required level, and the two Guinea pigs will alternate hours drinking it because, whatever, it’ll be hilarious. C’mooooon Luongo Trade.

Here are the rules Archi and Kyle will be playing by, while watching TSN’s not remotely over-indulgent coverage of the deadline. Oh, and by the way: not making fun of TSN here given that we all intend to watch the hell out of their coverage, because much like Aerosmith, we Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. …Please ignore that reference.

drinking game

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And of course, the obvious: this is not to be done at home. We do not support anybody playing this drinking game. Our dudes are being supervised, they’re being plunked in cabs after, this is our baby.

But please, join us tomorrow for the fun and frivolity, we’d love to have you as involved in our idiocy as possible, whether it be via Twitter (here’s mine) or Backhand Shelf. Hell, if something crazy enough happens (JOHN TAVARES TO THE PANTHERS!), I may get involved myself. And who wouldn’t enjoy the podcast that we’ll be recording shortly after?


By the way, the factors below will also play into this:


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  1. Jesus Christ. You’re going to die from beer on the “best available” board alone.

    • There’s going to be a lot of doubling up with the “I’m hearing…” while looking at one’s phone.

    • It’s like “piano fingers” in the Coach’s Corner drinking game. We limited to a full beer (12 times) after the first time we did this and counted 57 times that he did it. I’m sure they’ll be skipping drinks by noon, anywho

  2. My condolences to Archi and Kyle. May their livers rest in peace.

  3. This is absolutely phenomenal … would be even better if you had them set-up where they could be seen by passerby’s on King Street.

  4. This should make for some decent entertainment!

  5. What an amazing work place TheScore is. Hash tag jealous.

  6. Seriously, you need to live stream this. This is going to go horribly wrong if they actually stick to the rules. This is going to turn into century club without the limitations of 1 shot per minute or ending at 100 shots.

  7. Phone actively used while on screen?? That only happens every 5 minutes… Dreger quoting “his sources” every 10 minutes.. Sentence starting with “I’m hearing”… You guys aren’t going to show back up to work until Friday..of next week.

  8. Actively Using their phone on screen will kill someone.

  9. Is the best available board not on-screen almost constantly? I know two people who will be calling in sick on Thursday!!!

    And why aren’t Goldsbie and Bourne and anyone else participating???

  10. I would personally kick in $200 to see you do this with Steve Simmons and Damien Cox and videotape the resulting verbal hellfire.

  11. Couldn’t help but notice the drinking game rules don’t mention “Lunch” anywhere

  12. Do you guys actually make a living off this stuff? NHL 94 tournaments, trade deadline drinking games..I love it!

  13. so where do we place bets on which staffer dies first of liver failure/ alcohol poisoning?

  14. I hope the Jussi Jokinen trade gets the most RT’s.

  15. Man, it’s a good thing Canada has free health care.

  16. Best drinking game since the Pierre McGuire drinking game. respect!

  17. Be careful. They just may die, like the poor woman who died out here during a radio contest… http://www.nbcnews.com/id/16614865/ns/us_news-life/t/woman-dies-after-water-drinking-contest/#.UVtKWqtxuGo

  18. Seriously. Don’t kill these two blokes. I enjoy the website too much for it to be shut down because you killed two of your coworkers.

  19. I so hope the final rules get sent over to Duthie.
    Good luck to you boys, and may your livers forever rest in peace.
    I also think they should be allowed to tweet every 15 mins to comment on their status and how much they hate a certain rule… might as well add to the insight and make them work a lil while doing this right? And then who ever also get’s more RT’s on their post at that moment has the chance to either skip one drink of their choosing in the next 15mins or force one to the other.

  20. Love it, please tell me there’s a NHL entry draft day drinking game too. Just curious but how many of you are playing? If there is at least 7, i was thinking you could all wear one Canadian team jersey (chosen at random) and if the team you are wearing breaks a trade you have to do one jager shot. If you wanna go one step farther if two Canadian teams trade with each other, the two representatives of said teams have to face off in a battle of will. We can call it a game of darts or a one on one game of mini hockey (the game of hockey you play on your knees with the tiny sticks and mini nets) to see who has to drink a grenade (which is a tequila shot on top of a jager bomb). I would also love to see some side bets between you guys, like say if Loungo gets traded or not lol.

    • yes this defiantly needs to be done for the draft to. and if we really want to torture people, the olympic team speculation over the next year.

  21. ok fuck tsn’s coverage, put this on tv. this is awesome, I want to look away but I know I won’t be able to

  22. and since Duthie knows about this, I think if he mentions it at all there should be a huge drink of some sort for that.

  23. Uh oh. You just got mentioned and keyworded

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