New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils

Trade deadline day podcast, hurray! Naturally, we covered:

* The Gaborik trade to Columbus

* The Pominville deal to the Wild

* Ben Bishop going for Cory Conacher and a fourth

* Luongo staying in Vancouver

* Steve Mason going to Philly

* And other stuff (much more)

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (8)

  1. no podcast tomorrow or friday?

  2. You guys rock! Drunk podcast.

  3. “Just because we are Columbus, doesnt mean we have to Columbus around all day”

  4. I was very surprises to see Gaborik accept this trade sending him to Columbus, I think it’s a great deal for both teams and every players included. Deadline
    Here’s a recap of the trades made

  5. The way you guys talk – you should try out for Mike Rice’s old job at Rutgers. I work with 400 inmates almost every day of the year – they are also very good with the f… word.

  6. I like how Jake mentions Gaborik’s decent Corsi number and then immediately discredits it with Gaborik’s extremely high offensive zone start percentage. Drunk podcasting is the best podcasting.

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